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International calls

Keep in touch with your loved ones and friends around the world. We made international calling easy.

International calls explained

What are international calls?

Calling abroad is used when calling a foreign number. You can call, send text messages or MMS on international numbers without setting anything. All you need to do is dial a desired number and add an international code (e.g. France +33, Germany +49).

Volám ze zahraničí do ČR

Calling a foreign number from the Czech Republic

Whenever you call to an international number from the Czech Republic, it is considered a call abroad.

For example when you call your friend from France who has a French phone number, your call will be charged according to the international calls price list.

Volám ze zahraničí do ČR

Calling from the Czech Republic to a Czech number which is abroad

Whenever you call from the Czech Republic to a Czech number which is temporarily abroad, the price is based on your domestic tariff. You pay the same amount as you would for calling within the Czech Republic.

In this case you also use free minutes or text messages from your domestic tariff.

Volám ze zahraničí do ČR

Need to make calls when abroad?

Going on vacation? Then you might find roaming services useful. See our voice and data tariffs and enjoy your trip.

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