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Family tariff Red+

With Red+, you get an extra 40 GB to entertain the whole family.

Enjoy a tariff no other operator will offer you

  • We've added a lot of data. To new and current customers.
  • All your spending you have under the control on one account.
  • Get extra discount CZK 4000 on device with tariff Red+ 50 GB.



Now more data

Basic family tariff

Unlimited calls
to all networks for 4 family members

Unlimited SMS
to all networks for 4 family members

2 GB  10 GB
monthly data shared by the family

Red+ 20 GB

Now more data

New family tariff  
with a BIG data bundle

Unlimited calls
to all networks for 4 family members

Unlimited SMS
to all networks for 4 family members

12 GB  20 GB 
monthly data shared by the family

Red+ 50 GB

New family tariff 
with a HUGE data bundle

Now more data

Unlimited calls
to all networks for 4 family members

Unlimited SMS
to all networks for 4 family members

42 GB  50 GB
monthly data shared by the family

The offer is available to both existing and new customers. Tariff details

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Order our tariffs by phone

Ordering a new tariff online is unfortunately not possible for non CZ citizens. Leave us your contact, we will get back to you as soon as possible and finish the order together.

When you click on "Call me" you agree to be contacted with a business offer.

Frequently asked questions

Details on the Red+, Red+ 20 GB and Red+ 50 GB tariffs

Calls, SMS and MMS

  • Calls are completely unlimited. To all land line and mobile networks in the Czech Republic.
  • SMS to all mobile networks in the Czech Republic are also unlimited. An SMS to a land line costs CZK 5.45.
  • An MMS to any network in the Czech Republic costs CZK 4.54.
  • Calls to special services may be charged.

Shared mobile internet

  • You share the data package among yourselves. This means that you all use the same monthly volume of data. We will send you an SMS when 75%, 90% and 100% of your data volume is used up.
  • With the DataLimit service, you can easily divide the data volume among the individual numbers at any time and monitor the usage directly in My Vodafone. The set-up of the data limits for the individual numbers is not necessary. If they are not set, all the family members will use the data together and if one person needs more data than the others, there will be no limit restricting him/her.

Increasing the data volumes

  • The Red+, Red+ 20 GB and Red+ 50 GB tariffs come with automatic increases of the data volume once the basic data volume is used up. This means you can enjoy our full transmission speed. Each new unit of 250 MB that you start to use costs CZK 99. Billing of additional data can be set-up or cancelled anytime for free, for example in  My Vodafone. With the DataLimit service, you have full control over your data consumption and we will disconnect you once you reach your chosen limit (number of increases). 
  • If you often have to buy additional data, you can also increase your volume by 1 GB (CZK 199), 2 GB (CZK 399) or even 4 GB (CZK 799) with the Data Bundle Upgrade. All this can be conveniently set up free of charge in  My Vodafone once you have activated the tariff.

What are the charges for roaming and calling abroad?

  • Calling abroad: The prices of calling abroad differ depending on the country you call to. If you frequently call to one specific country, you can activate the My Country preferential bundle. For more information and the full offer and prices, go to calling abroad.
  • Roaming in the EU: In the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland (zone 1), you can use your domestic tariff, including data, as if you were in the Czech Republic. There are simply no roaming charges in Europe.
  • Roaming in the world: In many countries outside Europe (zones 2 and 3), you can make calls, send SMS and use 100 MB of data every day from your domestic tariff for CZK 199/24 hours with the defaul Roaminf for a Day tariff. You can change the settings any time and only pay for the units used. For more information and the full offer, go to roaming.

For whom is the tariff intended and can we also use it if there are just three of us?

The Red+ family deal is intended for non-corporate customers. Your group can include your relatives as well as friends.

The tariff is the most advantageous if used by four people. But you can get it even if there are just two or three of you and you can add the remaining numbers to the group at any time later, free of charge.

OUR TIP: Are you a corporate customer? With the Business Red+ tariff, you will get an extra roaming bundle. 

How to activate the tariff on your existing Vodafone number?

If you already are our customer, you can migrate to the Red+ tariff at any time. We will active the family tariff in place of your original one. All you need to do is select the option “change regarding an existing Vodafone number” and insert your number. We will take care of the rest. Setting up the other members is just as easy.

If you have no contract for the relevant number, or if your contract is about to expire in less than 6 months, there is no charge on the change of your tariff. Otherwise, the change of the tariff may be subject to an early termination penalty. In that case, we will first call you and explain the situation and you can then decide whether you really want us to proceed with your order.

Can I transfer my existing number with another operator to Vodafone?

If your order a flat tariff, we will transfer your existing number from any operator free of charge, regardless of whether you have a tariff or a prepaid card with that operator.

In the shopping cart, you enter the telephone number you wish to transfer and the contract termination number (ČVOP) you received from the previous operator. The operator will give you this number when you terminate the contract. Then, you only need to choose the date as of which you want to have the number transferred to our network. You can have your number transferred to us as early as within 5 days.

The order may be placed even without the ČVOP. You may enter the number later, simultaneously with the requested date of transfer to our network using this page. You will also receive the URL to this page in the e-mail confirmation of the order.

How can I get a new number?

It is very easy. You only need to put the tariff in your shopping cart and place the order. We will assign you a new number, which will be indicated on the SIM card you will receive from us. Upon accepting the delivery, you will easily activate the number by calling *77. You will be charged for the services from the activation date. In case of personal collection at a store, the representative will activate the card right away.

Can I get the tariffs even without a contract?

Only the basic Red+ tariff with 2 GB of shared data goes without a contract. The price without any contract plan is CZK 1 873. Select the required option in the shopping cart.

The Red+ 20 GB and Red+ 50 GB tariffs can only be purchased with a contract.