How do the Vodafone Passes work?

  • With our Vodafone Passes, you can use your favourite applications without having to worry about your data tariff. There is no need to be concerned about how much data the applications included in your selected bundles use.
  • You can activate one or more of the Vodafone Passes. We offer those in one time (daily) version or a monthly package.

What Vodafone Passes are there to choose from?

  1. Social Pass - for social networks enthusiasts, we offer the Social Pass. With the Social Pass, you don't have to worry about how much data you use to share your pictures or going live in the applications of your favourite social networks.
  2. Chat Pass - with the Chat Pass bundle, you can send messages and even attachments without worrying about your basic data package for universal use.
  3. Music Pass - for music fans, we've got the Music Pass, which you can use to listen online to music, but also to stories and podcasts.
  4. Video Pass - a small cinema in your phone? With the Video Pass bundle, you will no longer need to look for Wi-Fi, and can just watch your favourite series and film anywhere you want.
  5. Cloud Pass - to backup your photos and files.

OUR TIP: Enjoy the advantages of multiple Vodafone Passes with Vodafone MultiPass.

How does a Vodafone Pass work?

  • We can only guarantee correct functioning of the service for the official mobile applications included in your selected bundles. If you use alternative applications or web versions of the services, we cannot influence whether the data are billed or not.
  • Vodafone Pass cannot work properly with VPN enabled. The iCloud Private Relay service works on a similar principle, so please note that Vodafone Pass will not work properly when using it and data may continue to be charged to your tariff.
  • If you use the contents directly from the application and not from third parties, you don't have to worry about the amount of the data used. For example, with our pass for social networks, you can upload pictures and videos on Facebook, view them, comment on them etc. However, if you clink on a link to a different website, open a YouTube video, start a game etc., you will view contents that are not stored directly on Facebook, and are not included in the Vodafone Pass for social networks. With the Music Pass and Video Pass bundles, the advertisements you play or view may utilise small amount of data from the basic data bundle. Read detailed information on the applications included in the individual passes and the supported scope of functionalities.
  • To make sure your Vodafone Pass works, you need one of the supported tariffs and free data in your basic bundle. The reason is that if you used up the data volume included in your tariff or reached the DataLimit, the applications included in the Vodafone Pass wouldn't work either. If that is the case, it is enough to increase the data.
  • You can enjoy the advantages of the Vodafone Pass in the Czech Republic and in the countries of the first roaming zone (EU + Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Great Britain).

Which tariffs are compatible with Vodafone Pass?

How does activation or deactivation of a Vodafone Pass work?

Can the number or kind of applications included in a Vodafone Pass change in time?

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