With Vodafone Passes, you don’t have to worry about your data use any more 

Enjoy your favourite applications anywhere, any time.

Advantages of Vodafone Passes

Use your favourite applications as if you were at home and don´t worry about your data consumption.

Use applications without worries

Forget about your monthly data limits.

Take them with you even
when you travel abroad

Use your smart phone in a smart way.

Do not wait for Wi-Fi

Live in the moment – use your data
whenever and wherever you are.

How do Vodafone Passes work?

Applications included in your selected Pass do not use up any of your data. They are always there not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. To use applications included in the Pass, you must have at least some data left in your tariff. You just need to watch out for any content that re-directs you from these applications. If you click on a link that takes you away from the app or watch a third-party content, the data will be taken from your standard data bundle.

A Vodafone Pass can be easily activated with your tariff provided that it includes a monthly data allowance. You can also activate it with a prepaid card with an active Prepaid Bundle that renews periodically and includes data.

Great stories even on a small screen

YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, Stream.cz, Seznam Zprávy, Pohádky, Sledování TV, DIGI2GO, Prima PLAY, Horizon Go, Lepší.TV, Kuki, Selfnet TV, Interaktivní TV, Banaxi, Óčko, Zapni.TV 

If you are too tired to do just about anything, you can just relax watching your favourite series, videos and films on YouTube, HBO GO, Netflix and other apps without worrying about your data use.

Only some advertisements within certain apps included in the Video Pass may use up some of the data from your standard data bundle. This is because these constitute third-party content, to which the Pass does not apply. Click here for the details of the apps and the rules of their use.

Cloud Pass
Google Drive

CZK 99 monthly

Activate Details of the Pass

We have prepared great combos for you

Why limit yourself to just one Vodafone Pass? If you want to use more of them, go for the Vodafone MultiPasses, which combine several Passes together for a bargain price.

A MultiPass full of fun

Apple Music
Show all 35 apps

Do you like to spend hours watching films, listening to music and chatting away via WhatsApp and Messenger? Then opt for the MultiPass combining Video, Music and Chat Passes. We can guarantee to you that you will be able to message your loved ones any time.

MultiPassVideo + Music + Chat

Enjoy all the apps included in the Video, Music and Chat Passes.

CZK 299 monthly


A MultiPass to share the best moments of your life

Apple Music
Show all 35 apps

Are you a film and music addict who also can’t resist constantly posting on Facebook and sharing pictures on Instagram? Then we have a perfect Multipass for you including not only the Video and Music Passes, but also the Social Pass, so that you can share the best moments of not only the films you watch.

Enjoy all the apps included in the Video, Music and Social Passes.

CZK 299 monthly


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a Vodafone Pass and a Vodafone MultiPass?
They work the same. A Vodafone MultiPass lets you enjoy the advantages of multiple Vodafone Passes in one and for a bargain price.
What tariffs are compatible with Vodafone Passes and Vodafone MultiPasses?
Activate your Pass with any tariff that contains a monthly data allowance or with your prepaid card with an active, periodically renewing Prepaid Bundle that includes data.

You won´t be able to use the service with the default Connection for a Month, Mobile Connection Turbo or a data tariff from the Connection for Services offer. When using a prepaid card, you must select a periodically renewing Prepaid Bundle. If you use one-time bundle, the service cannot be activated.

How do Vodafone Passes and MultiPasses work?
With a Vodafone Pass or a Vodafone MultiPass, you do not need to worry about your data – applications included in the relevant service will use up no data from your tariff. In order for everything to run smoothly, you need to use official mobile applications included in the respective Pass. If you use the services through a web interface or alternative applications, we cannot guarantee proper functionality. Passes and MultiPasses can be used in the Czech Republic and Zone 1 countries (EU + Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) provided that you have at least some data left in your bundle (you have not reached the DataLimit or the DataCeiling).
In what cases are the data deducted from my standard bundle?
Data are deducted from my standard bundle when you use any content that is not placed directly in the app covered by your Pass. For example, if you click on a link that redirects you from an application (to another application or external web content), such traffic will normally be deducted from your standard data bundle. The Chat Pass can be used for messaging (including sending attachments, photos and videos), but does not apply to voice and video calls, even if the apps allow them.

In the case of the Video and Music Passes, we deduct the data from your standard bundle if an advertisement is played before a video or song, or if it redirects you from the application. The services do not include subscriptions (e.g. for HBO GO or MusicJet).
Can I have several Vodafone Passes active at once?
Of course. You can combine as many Vodafone Passes as you like, or you can chose from our MultiPass offer, which combines the best Passes.
Do the Passes include subscriptions?
Subscriptions, such as for HBO GO or MusicJet and other applications, are not included in the Vodafone Passes and you need to pay for them separately.
Why can adverts be deducted from the standard data bundle, even though I use a Vodafone Pass?

With the Video Pass and Music Pass, you can view our partners' contents without the data being deducted from your standard data bundle. That includes, for example, playing series, films, music albums of your favourite artist etc., according to the application you are currently using. Some applications included in these Passes offer subscriptions, others contain advertisements which keep the content free for you, and playing the advert supports the artists.

With regard to how advertisement networks work on the Internet, it is often the case that different adverts are played to different people for them to see or hear an offer that will be interesting to them. These adverts are downloaded from various sources and might not be stored directly with the content provider whose application you are using. If the advertisement is added by a third party, we, and often even our partners, cannot tell that it is played or viewed within a certain application. That is the reason why we cannot guarantee that when you play an advert, the data will not be deducted from your standard data bundle.

In any case, you don’t have to worry about the vast majority of the data operation in the applications included in the Passes – they will not be deducted from your standard data bundle. Vodafone Passes will save you a significant amount of data, so that you can use your standard data bundle for other activities on the Internet. You can find the list of functionalities within the individual applications that are included in the Vodafone Passes and are not charged to you basic data bundle here.

I am currently using a Vodafone Pass, but I would like to get a MultiPass – what do I do?
In that case, it is best for you to activate your selected MultiPass before the end of your accounting period. The monthly fee for the individual Vodafone Passes that you have used up until now was already charged at the beginning of the billing period (or upon activation) and we do not recalculate it retroactively. You will be charged the proportionate part of the monthly fee for the newly chosen Vodafone MultiPass depending on the date of activation.

Go to the Care Centre for more information.