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Red Full 5 GB

Minutes abroad

Bundles with free minutes for everyone who often calls to remote parts of the world.

 Up to 600 free minutes to a selected region for a monthly fee.

Discount for Red Full tariff customers.

Activation is for free. Just dial *77 or visit one of our stores.

How Minutes abroad work

With Minutes abroad you can enjoy cheap calls to all countries within the selected region. Do you have family or friends in Ukraine, Russia or Armenia? Or maybe in Vietnam, India or New Zealand? Thanks to Minutes Abroad, you will find it easier to keep in touch.

Just select one of the four bundles; activation is, naturally, free of charge. Bundles are dedicated to customers using tariffs or prepaid cards.

Price list

See rates for two world regions.


Countries in the Eurasia region: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Mongolia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

 Minutes abroad - Eurasia 180Minutes abroad - Eurasia 360
Number of free minutes 180 360
Monthly fee with other tariffs or prepaid cards CZK 500 CZK 950


Countries in the Pacific region: Vietnam, China, Australia, Japan, India, Thailand, New Zealand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore.

 Minutes abroad - Pacific 300Minutes abroad - Pacific 600
Number of free minutes 300 600
Monthly fee with other tariffs or prepaid cards CZK 500 CZK 950


It is possible to active it with tariffs Red Naplno 5 GB, Red Naplno 10 GB and Red Naplno 20 GB with special price.
Calls with Minutes abroad after the first minute are charged per single second. All prices include VAT.