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Roaming calculator

Just fill in a few pieces of information and see which roaming tariff is the best for your holiday or business trip.

1. Planned trip

Don’t know which tariff you have? You’ll find out in My Vodafone

2. Do you need to call and send SMSs?

3. Will you use mobile internet?

We will recommend you best tariff

Just fill in a few data in our guide and find out how to calll, write, and use data from abroad most preferably.

In this country you use your services just like at home

Whether you are connecting to the Internet, calling or sending SMS to the Czech Republic eventually any other country in the Zone 1.

If you plan to call outside of the Zone 1, one minute will cost you 7.47 CZK and for one SMS you will pay 1.96 CZK.

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Datovou SIM kartu můžete používat jen v České republice. Za hranicemi se s ní bohužel nepřipojíte.