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Podmínky předplacené „Data SIM for Visitors“

  1. The “Data SIM for Visitors” offer is designed for all customers that visit selected shops (list at www.vodafone.cz/visitors) and purchase this SIM card.
  2. The card is designated for data connection of your mobile, tablet or laptop. You can use up to 10 GB of data over a validity period of 30 days.
  3. You can call within the Czech Vodafone network and Czech landlines free of charge and without limitations for up to 30 days. When you dial the number, you will hear a warning message about insufficient credit, which you can ignore when calling the Vodafone network or Czech landlines. The warning message is:

    Je nám líto, váš kredit je příliš nízký. Dobijte si ho prosím. – Czech

    Sorry, your account balance is too low, please top up. - English

  4. To call other networks in the Czech Republic or abroad, you must top up your credit. We recommend to top up your credit when buying your SIM card.
  5. Services on the Data SIM for Visitors cannot be used in roaming. Use of services is limited to the Vodafone network in the Czech Republic.
  6. If you are planning to use the SIM card for more than the said 30 days, you must contact the operator via telephone (at 00420 776 975 324) or visit ay Vodafone shop, so we can configure correct service operation for you!

    If you fail to do so, the credit needed to renew the bundle will be deducted after the service validity expires, and the bundles will be renewed for the full price, which is:

    Data 10 GB: 1008.30 CZK; Unlimited Calls within the Vodafone network: 708.50 CZK, total: 1716.80 CZK; Calls to landlines 131.09 CZK (not compatible with Vodafone Group Card).

    Data 20 GB: 1882.30 CZK; Unlimited Calls within the Vodafone network: 708.50 CZK, total: 2590.80 CZK; Calls to landlines 131.09 CZK (not compatible with Vodafone Group Card).

  7. Matters not regulated by these conditions are governed by the General Conditions for Provision of Electronic Communications Services, the OneNet Pricelist and the conditions in the printed materials of Vodafone, or on the website at www.vodafone.cz.
  8. Where these conditions mention Vodafone, this refers to the Czech company Vodafone Czech Republic a. s., registered office at náměstí Junkových 2, 155 00 Prague 5, ID number: 25788001, entered in the commercial register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, File B 6064 (and its network, products and services).
  9. Vodafone reserves the right to limit, terminate or change the conditions of these tariffs at any time, with effect from the date of notification on the website at www.vodafone.cz, unless a later date is explicitly indicated.
  10. These terms and conditions are effective from 15 June 2017 and replace the terms and conditions of 1 January 2015.