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Vegetables on Mars? Jan Lukacevic together with Vodafone and Czech University of Life Science introduce unique science project

20. srpna 2019

A unique laboratory was created in the space of Czech University of Life Science in Prague. The “Marsonaut” experiment led by scientist Jan Lukacevic and his team at the Prague University of Life Sciences is based on aeroponics – growing plants in the air, without soil and limiting water use to a minimum. This project is part of the longterm platform called #jetovtobě from Vodafone, with the goal to support young people to experience the potential future jobs. With a help of NB IoT from Vodafone.

The main goal of Czech scientists is to experiment growing food for environments with extreme conditions and lack of water, such as Mars. The plants grow horizontally from a vertical unit and are stacked one above the other to minimize space. Researchers experiment with light and temperature changes.

The team has already succeeded in growing mustard plants, salad leaves, radishes and herbs like basil and mint. Scientists had their first harvest last week and prepared a special dinner.

They taste wonderful because they grow in a controlled environment and we supply them with bespoke nutrients,” said Lukacevic.

The main benefit of the growing method is that it uses 95 percent less water than normal plant cultivation and also saves space, which could boost agricultural yields in areas hit by urbanization and climate change.

Population is growing fast and we have limited sources of soil and water. That is why I am really happy that I can be part of this project. Our goal is to find new ways of cultivation and reflect the development of agriculture, says Karolina Pumprova, biologist and member of Marsonaut team.

Vodafone and project #jetovtobě

Our goal is to support young and talented students under 26, who will be able to experience the potential future jobs. Together with professionals who are leaders in their specialization. I strongly believe that Marsonaut team led by Jan Lukacevic will bring us great results with the technology working in extreme conditions“, says Marketa Moreno,

The Marsonaut project can be followed on social networks with following hashtag: #jetovtobě.