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How does the bundle for social networks - Social Pass - work?

  • The Social Pass allows you to fully use social network applications without having to think about how much data they use.
  • You can even activate more Vodafone Passes at once.
  • The Social Pass bundle is CZK 99/month.
  • Have a look at the general information on Vodafone Passes.
Our tip: Enjoy the advantages of multiple Vodafone Passes with Vodafone MultiPass.
How do I activate or cancel a Pass?
Log in to My Vodafone and choose the section Services - Internet.
To enter the My Vodafone Self Care, you will need your password.
In the Vodafone Pass section, choose the Pass you want to use.
The activation will take place within 24 hours, and we will confirm it via an SMS.

Other possibilities:

  1. My Vodafone App - the Passes can be found in the Internet services section.
  2. Via SMS - send a message SOCIAL PASS password to 7700.
  3. Customer Care Line - you can also arrange activation of Vodafone Pass with one of our operators at *77, or 800 77 00 77 if you are calling from a different network.
Which applications can I use?

We can only guarantee correct functioning of the service for the official mobile applications included in your selected bundles. If you use alternative applications or web versions of the services, the data used can be charged, because we will not be able to determine that you are using the applications included in the bundle. Please note that Vodafone Passes does not cover downloading the application from the application store. The current list of applications included in the bundle and their supported functionalities is available at our website.

Which content is free and what is not included in the Pass?

We will not charge anything for data in the following cases:

  • Adding and reading of text posts and comments.
  • Uploading and viewing pictures and videos (including live broadcasts).

For other activities, your data bundle for universal use is used for connection. Here are some examples of situations when data are charged to your data bundle for universal use:

  • Opening a link to a website.
  • Playing a video on YouTube or other video portal.
To make sure your Vodafone Pass works, you need one of the supported tariffs and free data in your basic bundle. The reason is that if you used up the data volume included in your tariff or reached the DataLimit, the applications included in the Vodafone Pass wouldn't work either. If that is the case, it is enough to increase the data.
Which tariffs are compatible with Vodafone Pass?

You can activate a Vodafone Pass if you have one of the following tariffs (including their business versions):

  • Flat rate schemes: Tariffs that include a monthly data plan, except those listed below.
  • Pre-Paid Cards: Any prepaid card with an active monthly data package (you just need one of the Prepaid bundle FIX that contains data).

You can not use Vodafone Pass if you have the default Connection for a month, Mobile connection Turbo, or data tariff from the Service Connection series (not in our regular offer, but are included in earlier Start tariffs and Vodafone First Step). It is necessary to active the FIX version of the prepaid bundles, because the Vodafone Pass is not available for the one time bundles.

OUR TIP: Customers who use the (Business) Red+ tariff may automatically use a Vodafone Pass on all their numbers included in the tariff. It is enough to activate the Pass once, with the main number of the administrator to whom the monthly fee is billed. Customers who use a SIM card for data sharing with their tariff can also use this benefit.
How does activation or deactivation of a Vodafone Pass work?
  • Pass activation - takes place within 24 hours (we will confirm the activation via SMS) and a proportional part of the price of the Pass will be billed in the first billing period, depending on when you requested the activation.
  • Pass deactivation - takes place at the end of your billing period. For us to be able to process your request in time, we recommend to submit it at least 1 day before the end of your billing period.
  • Tariff change - if you change your tariff to one that doesn't work with the Vodafone Passes, your Vodafone Pass will be cancelled when your tariff is changed.

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