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What passwords do you need for communication with Vodafone?

We have 3 types of passwords
Passwords What they allow you to do
Administrator password It's the most important password because it allows you to manage all the numbers under your customer number. The administrator password allows you: log in under any telephone number in your account, manage all your numbers at once, change tariffs and bundles, check your expenses and payments and download the Bill.
User password Access information about the given telephone number and display the overview of the current expenditures. Your user password does not allow you to access the services Billing, only to change the selected additional services.
Payer´s password
Optional password
Full control over the group of telephone numbers assigned by the administrator, including all numbers under one Bill. The payers can display their Bills and history of payments, change tarrifs or bundles, and check the expenditures of all assigned numbers. The payer is the person indicated as the recipient on the Bill.
If you do not know your password

We are here to help you in case you forget your password or you have no password set.

What type of password do I use?

If you don´t know what type of password you are using, log in the Internet Self Care. After clicking on the number under which you are logged in, you will see the level of the set rights: Administrator, Payer or User.

You receive your password automatically upon obtaining a telephone number, we send it to you via a text message. The password consists of 6 randomly generated numbers. You can change it to any 6 to 15 digit password.

How to set a secure password?
  • Select a password that does not contain several identical numbers or numerical rows.
  • Do not tell your password to anyone else.
  • Neither our representatives, nor our salespeople can find out your full password.
  • In order to verify your identity, our representatives can only ask about two numbers specified by the system and cannot influence the selection of the numbers.
  • We recommend you to always provide only these two required numbers.

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