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It's not exactly your favourite reading but terms & conditions or pricelists may be interesting as well.



More detailed information and the regulations on reclamations of goods and services.

Complaints about Electronic Communications Services

Article I.

Preliminary Provisions
The Complaint Procedure Rules includes the principles and methods of exercising your rights as a customer in respect of our responsibility for defects when providing publicly accessible electronic communications services (hereinafter the “Services”). You can find your rights in the General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Electronic Communications Services by Vodafone Czech Republic a. s. (hereinafter the “General Terms and Conditions”). Believe us that we will try to solve all disputes to your satisfaction.

Article II.


  • Complaint - exercise of your rights resulting from our liability for damage to provided Services. You can file a complaint in respect of a bill for the Services (hereinafter the “Bill”) or in respect of the Service provided.
  • Person authorized to file a complaint – a customer who has entered with us into an agreement on provision of the Services according to the General Terms and Conditions and who exercises their rights under this Complaints Procedure Rules (hereinafter the “Complaining Person”).

Article III.

Scope of Responsibilities

With limitations specified below, we are liable for the extent, price and quality of all Services provided by us. You can complain if:

  1. the Service is not provided in the agreed extent or quality, or
  2. the Service is not provided in the quality corresponding to applicable legal regulations, or
  3. the price for the provided Service is not billed according to respective price agreements.

Article IV.

Right to file a complaint. How, where and when a complaint is to be filed

How to complain:
You may complain either in writing or in person at the Complaint Department. If the complaint is filed in person, all documents proving that the complaint may be filed must be submitted (an agreement, a bill for the respective billing period, original of the power of attorney etc.). At request of the Complaining Person or on instigation of Vodafone, a record can be taken about the complaint filed in person. A copy of the record will be given to the Complaining Person. A complaint must include the name of the Complaining Person, telephone number and the reason of the complaint. The complaint filing has no suspensive effect on the Bill maturity.

Where to complain:
Complaints are filed in writing at the following address: Vodafone Czech Republic a.s., Complaint Department, náměstí Junkových 2, Praha 5, 155 00, or in person at the same address.

When to complain:

  1. Complaints against the billed price shall be filed within 2 months from the Bill delivery;
  2. Complaints against the provided prepaid Services shall be filed within 2 months from the date of the Service provision;
  3. Complaints against other defects of the provided Services shall be filed without undue delay, however no later than within 2 months from the defective provision of the Service.

Article V.

Time Limits for Complaint Settlement
Complaints are settled within the time limits depending on complexity and technical and administration demands of the complaint. Complaints are settled no later than within 1 month from the complaint delivery to Vodafone. Should the complaint settlement requires negotiation with a foreign operator, the complaint shall be settled no later than within 2 months from the complaint delivery to Vodafone.

Article VI.

Time Limits and Manner of Returning Overpayments for Billed Services

  • If your complaint about the Bill is acknowledged justified, you have the right to get a refund for overpayment or for the already paid Bill for the Services within 1 month from the complaint settlement. We return you the overpayment or the already paid billed Services by reducing the charged amount in the following Bill. If, however, the amount to be refunded exceeds a six folder of an average monthly billed amount  for the last 6 billing periods, we may agree on other form of the refund.
  • The right to the refund for the overpayment resulting from a satisfied complaint which could not be refunded due to objective reasons will be subject to the statute of limitation.

Article VII.

Compensation for Damage
Please, file your claim for damages in a written form. If the claim is acknowledged justified, we will provide compensation for damage by setting off the provided compensation against the "Total amount to be paid" set forth in your Bill for the provided Services issued after the complaint settlement (which means by reducing the amount to be paid). If this procedure is not possible due to the Agreement termination, we will provide monetary compensation and send the respective amount to your last known address.

In accordance with applicable legal regulations we do not provide compensation for damage occurred in consequence of interruption of the Service or defective provision of the Service. If the Service could be used only partially and/or if it could not be used at all due to technical or operational defect at our side, we will ensure the defect removal and provide you reasonable discount on the Service price (the discount is independent on our judgment) or after an agreement with you we will provide the Services in a substitute manner.

In other cases we are liable for damage occurred in consequence  of a breach of our duties determined by legal regulations and the General Terms and Conditions.

Article VIII.

Joint and Final Provisions

  1. If you do not agree with the complaint settlement, you have the right to file objections against the complaint settlement to the Czech Telecommunications Office.
  2. The Complaint Procedure Rules are available for inspection at all Vodafone’s stores and at Vodafone’s websites www. vodafone.cz.
  3. This Complaint Procedure Rules become effective on 2 April 2008.

Complaints regarding Goods

Guarantee of Satisfaction

With the 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you can easily withdraw from your contract or return a purchased device to us. 

1) Device Guarantee

You can return a hire-purchase or discounted cell phone, tablet or a device with accessories (hereinafter jointly as the “Goods”) within 30 days of purchasing and accepting the consignment, and request a refund of the paid purchase price. You can return the Goods either personally at the place where you purchased them (except for the Vodafone Tour mobile stores and Vodafone Stores where Complaint Procedure Rules state that its employees do not process the satisfaction guarantee for technical reasons) or by a Commercial Parcel via the Czech Post.

Read the whole device guarantee

This guarantee does not apply to Goods exported out of the Czech Republic where no entitlement for a tax refund has arisen according to Section 80 et seq. of Act No. 235/2004 Coll., on value added tax

Terms and Conditions of Successful Exercise of the Device Satisfaction Guarantee

To be refunded the acquisition price in full amount, you have to return the Goods intact – they have to be fully functional and without damage (e.g. scratches, cuts, broken display or cover). If you want to have the phone replaced with another type, send it back free of defects and you will be refunded the full acquisition price After you order the new phone, we will charge it separately. The device always has to be returned in the original packaging including all accessories. If it gets e.g. damaged during the transport, the guarantee cannot be exercised.

Important Notice

IMEI* of the returned device must correspond to the number indicated on the tax receipt that you received upon purchasing the phone.

Goods Return Procedure:

  • If there is a SIM card in the phone/device, take it out – you need not return it.
  • Put the phone/device with all accessories and other items back in the original packaging.
  • Do not forget to include the following items:
  • device
  • charger
  • guarantee certificate
  • battery
  • manual
  • You can return the phone/device either personally at a Vodafone Store or via the Czech Post.
  • Do not forget to bring a purchase receipt of your device/phone with you.
  • Download the pre-printed Satisfaction Guarantee form and complete it at a Czech Post branch.
  • Pack the cell phone/device and accessories in a special box for postal consignments and enclose the completed pre-printed form.
  • Send the parcel only via the Commercial Parcel service without a Money Order for C.O.D. Payment – the procedure is simple. Fill out a Commercial Parcel label at the post office and you will receive a receipt containing the declared price and package number of the parcel. The costs of returning the Goods will be borne by you. Only the carrier is responsible for the parcel during the transport; therefore, if the parcel gets lost or damaged, please contact the Czech Post. The Commercial Parcel service enables insuring parcels against damage during the transport; the costs of the insurance will be borne be you
  • Fill the following data in the box “Addressed to”: Vodafone Czech Republic a. s., Sklad Asseco, Vožická 3163, 390 02 Tábor.

Money Refund

We will refund you the money within 30 days of accepting the consignment with the returned intact Goods in original packaging. 

2) Services Guarantee

If you decide not to further use our services (for a new SIM card), please inform us not later than 30 days of accepting the SIM card by phone at the number *77. Your phone number will be deactivated and it may be assigned to a new customer. You need not return the SIM card.

Read the whole service guarantee

  • This guarantee also applies to a purchase of a SIM card with a simultaneous conclusion of an agreement on preferred conditions (under the Discount Services and Goods Conditions). In such a case, you may request only cancellation of the agreement on preferred conditions and keep our SIM card and keep using our services under standard conditions.
  • This guarantee does not apply to pre-charged credit (which means that all unused credit on the Vodafone card will be forfeited without compensation).
  • If you purchased any of the Vodafone tariffs, you will only pay a proportional part of the fixed monthly payment for the first billing period, i.e. you will only pay for the time you used your tariff and also for units that you used above the limit of your tariff. This does not apply to data tariffs where the monthly fixed payment is not billed proportionally, meaning that upon cancellation of data services during the second billing period, you will pay the whole fixed monthly amount.
  • The deposit you provided may be used to settle payments for unused services. We will refund you the rest.


Vodafone reserves the right to defend itself against misuse of this service, especially in a form of its repeated usage, and for this reason it limits its usage to one instance in 3 months, and further reserves the right not to provide this service at all.

If a customer wants to use the satisfaction guarantee, he/she has to provide the retailer with his/her personal data (name, surname, address, alternative contact = contact phone, e-mail etc.). If the customer does not provide his/her personal data, he may not use the satisfaction guarantee.

Vodafone reserves the right to modify or amend the above terms and conditions. The current and consolidated version of the terms and conditions of the satisfaction guarantee can always be found at www.vodafone.cz.

The satisfaction guarantee does not apply to OneNet and company customers that have concluded with Vodafone an agreement on preferred conditions that was not concluded under the Discount Services and Goods Conditions.

*IMEI is an international phone serial number, that can be found in the guarantee certificate, on the back of the phone in the battery compartment or retrieved upon typing *#06# directly on the display of your phone.

Vodafone Czech Republic a. s. with its registered office at náměstí Junkových 2, 155 00  Prague 5, Czech Republic, Id. No. 25788001, company registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague on 13 August 1999 under File No. B.6064.

These Terms and Conditions enter into effect on 1 January 2015.