Terms and Conditions of the “My Vodafone” Mobile and Web Application

I. General

  1. Self Care My Vodafone ( “Self Care”) is a product provided by Vodafone Czech Republic a.s., a company with its registered office at Junkových 2808/2, Stodůlky, 155 00 Prague 5, ID no.: 25788001, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague under File No. B 6064 (“Vodafone”), free of charge to all active customers (business and non-business) of Vodafone without any difference in the payment method, with the exception of customers who make use of the OneNet service.
  2. Self Care allows customers to manage selected services or settings, provides them with an overview of their accounts at Vodafone and acts as a communication channel with them, including the possibility of commercial communications. Each parameter of Self Care differs according to the customer’s main tariff and payment method.
  3. Self Care is available at the muj.vodafone.cz website (the “Self Care Website”) on a secured protocol; it also exists as the My Vodafone app available for the Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8+ operating systems (the “App”). The App only contains designated functionalities. This means that not all of the functionalities described below are available on the Self Care Website; similarly, the Self Care Website does not have all the functionalities of the App.
  4. Self Care is available in Czech and in English.
  5. Self Care can also be used as an App available via the e-shops Google Play, App Store and Windows Store. If you do not agree with the App terms and conditions or with data processing performed by the App, do not install, do not use or delete the App. The option of revoking certain personal data processing authorisations when using the App is available directly in the App settings in the Privacy section. The App processes various types of data. A full list of such data is provided below.
  6. If you use the App or the Self Care Website via Vodafone’s mobile data connection, no data consumption is applied against your data tariff/package, with the exception of those cases where you allow third-party services via Self Care. If it is not immediately clear that a service is a third-party service, we shall strive to inform you of this fact. We are continually working on having Self Care in the Vodafone network use a minimum amount of data services paid by you, with a substantial part of Self Care operations being excluded from paid data services where possible. Self Care also contains analytical and marketing tools that can use up data from the volume of your data package. If such tools do use data, you have the option of switching off the use of such tools in the Self Care settings. As Self Care may use analytical tools even when you are not actively using it, Self Care may send information from your device and therefore use a certain amount of data from your tariff even when you are not actively using Self Care. If you do not use Vodafone’s data connection to access Self Care (even in those cases where you log in to Self Care to access your Vodafone customer account, but you are using Self Care on an end device where a Vodafone SIM card is not inserted), data consumption will be charged to you according to your operator’s tariff.

II. Access and Passwords 

  1. Customers log in to Self Care using their telephone number and the password they receive when activating their number in the form of a text message (SMS) sent to their telephone number.
  2.  As a rule, customers have two password levels set up: User and Administrator.
  3. The User Password is sent to the customer’s Vodafone phone number and is used to log in to the account of the logged-in number only. The User Password only applies to such number. Controlling the account using this password may be limited for company customers (no Billing information, impossibility to set up paid services and the impossibility to set up FlexiStrop and FlexiLimit).
  4. The Administrative Password allows customers to manage the account and service settings fully. Customers obtain this password when setting up their account at a branch, or it is sent in the form of a text message to the contact telephone number specified by them. Administrator rights allow access to all numbers under the account and the management of such numbers. The Administrator Password is the same for all numbers under the account.
  5. If forgotten, the Administrator and User Password can be renewed online only if customers know the PUK code of the telephone number (User Password only) or if their contact e-mail is filled in and verified (Administrative Password).
  6. A Payer Password, which limits the overview to the respective payer, is also used. The Payer Password also makes it possible to change services, but it does not allow the conclusion of Minimum Monthly Performance contracts. The Payer Password has similar rights as the Administrative Password. The rights, however, are limited to the group of numbers that appear in the Bill, and there may be several numbers applicable to a single entity. The Payer Password is usually only reserved for business customers.
  7. Vodafone does its utmost to secure information available to customers. Customers are obliged, however, to protect their access details. Customers are responsible for storing and using their password and, in certain cases, disclosing it. If access is initiated using a password that, for example, the customer disclosed to a third party or failed to sufficiently protect, such access will be ascribed to the detriment of the customer, and Vodafone will not be liable for the consequences of such access, including, e.g., changes in service settings. 

III. Billing

  1. Customers have an overview of all issued invoices (Bills). Up to 12 previous Bills can be found in the App and up to 36 in the Self Care Website. Bills can be downloaded in PDF format, as can credit notes applicable to such Bills.
  2. In the Billing section, customers can also display the amount they currently owe. This amount takes into account all overpayments and arrears for all preceding months, and is valid at the time and date of logging in to Self Care.

IV. Payments 

  1. It is possible to pay for your own or someone else’s Bill by payment card via a secure payment gate operated by a contractual partner. In certain cases, we can refuse to allow a payment made using by a card issued by a foreign bank.
  2. A payment QR code is also generated in Self Care to facilitate payments of one-off payment orders from the mobile bank app supported by banks.
  3. It is also possible to store payment card details in MC Mobile. Such details are immediately encoded; the card number is, therefore, never stored. During card authorisation, a minimum amount (approx. CZK 1) is blocked and subsequently released. This amount serves to verify the details entered. Subsequent payments of Bills and topping-up of accounts can then be carried out by pressing the “Pay” button without having to enter any further details.
  4. The supplier of the payment gate is Vodafone’s contractual  partner. The contractual partner safeguards the entire process, processes your payment data from the position of controller and guarantees the entire process. 

V. Expenditure and Usage and Bill and Limits Settings

  1. Self Care offers the Expenditure and Usage service, which displays the expected and estimated price for the services in the current Billing Period. There may be a delay in accounting for certain items, such a roaming. Discounts under a Frame Contract are not accounted for in Self Care.
  2. The “Bill and Limits Settings” services – FlexiLimit and FlexiStrop – monitor customer expenditure in the current period. Customers will be given due warning when they approach the limit set by them.
  3. The scope of the settings may be limited in the App.

VI. Service Settings

  1. The process of ordering and setting up services is itself free of charge. Customers are charged the fee indicated in Vodafone’s complete price list for being connected to the service (activation of the service/tariff).
  2. It is possible to set selected account attributes (such as type of payment, Bill format, change of contact telephone, e-mail, etc.) in Self Care.
  3. Self Care only allows public products and services currently on offer for the given telephone number or account to be set up.
  4. All changes made through Self Care are binding. Customers shall receive final confirmation that the change has truly been implemented by way of an incoming text message. Only then will the order be charged and processed.
  5. In the event of technical defects on the part of Self Care or other associated systems, it is possible that a service or discount may be activated erroneously. In case of such activation, Vodafone reserves the right to cancel or deactivate such non-combinable or erroneously activated service without reservation.
  6. The scope of the settings may be limited in the App.

VII. Setting Up a Contract and Concluding a Minimum Monthly Performance Contract

  1. Customers who fulfil the conditions for concluding a Minimum Monthly Performance Contract or Device Payment Contract may conclude such contracts via Self Care electronically. A preview of the contract being entered into will be provided.
  2. The customer shall receive confirmation of the electronic contract, and after it is processed, it will be available, for a certain time, in Self Care on the Contract and Instalments page.
  3. A contract concluded in this way is valid if the customer has been verified by the Administrative Password.
  4. It is possible to conclude and confirm contracts that have been initiated at a store or via phone and complete the contract conclusion process via Self Care.

VIII. Messages from Vodafone – Communication with the Customer 

  1. Self Care has a “My Offers” section which contains offers from Vodaphone or third cooperating parties that are commercial communications in nature. These offers may be targeted based on position and operating data of the number. Commercial communications according to this paragraph may only be targeted or sent based on your consent.  Vodafone’s offers will only appear if you have not objected to direct marketing.
  2. The My Account section in Self Care also contains a subsection called “My Messages”, which is a single point of communication for the customer. It contains messages for each telephone number with information from Vodafone. These messages are of a service or similar nature and are not commercial communications. It is not possible to opt out of this subsection.         
  3. This section is tied to the specific customer’s telephone number and is accessible from all password levels.
  4. Here users will also find an overview of requests made at a store or on the customer helpline. The user can also monitor the status of such requests and expected resolution date.
  5. The history of all changes of services requested on the telephone number can be found here.
  6. The App can also send notifications to the telephone on which it is installed. Such notifications may contain messages according to Article VIII(2) or offers from Vodaphone or Third Parties according to Article VIII(1). The notifications may be targeted based on position or operating data in line with Article VIII(1). Notifications under Article VIII(1) may be set up directly in the device or in the App settings. The user gives active consent to have these notifications sent. 

IX. Authorisation Management

A. General provisions

  1. Vodafone is, among other things, a provider of electronic communication services. If you decided to make use of our services or products and conclude a contract on the provision of electronic communication services or other similar contract with us, Vodafone shall be obliged to acquire your personal or identification data and process such data for a period stipulated by law. At the same time, we are obliged, based on valid legal regulations, to process data that arises as part of the provision of electronic communication services, i.e., operating data and location data. Such processing is obligatory processing, where the data is used for the purpose of providing electronic communication services, related services, payment transactions, arranging connection and access to the network, billing and related tasks, accounting and tax purposes, identifying unauthorised use of the network or services, enforcement of receivables, selling third-party products and services through our network and billing them, and for the purpose of calls to emergency numbers. We are further authorised to process your data for the purpose of collecting debts and protecting our company’s legitimate interests.
  2. So that we can better target, i.e., “tailor”, an offer of new services, products, discounts or other interesting offers to you, you can grant consent to our processing your operating and location data. Similarly, if you grant us consent to send you the commercial offers of third parties, we will be able to offer, from time to time, special offers from our business partners. In both cases, this is voluntary processing of personal data that we carry out based on your consent.
  3. In case of voluntary processing, you have the right to revoke the provided consent at any time or, conversely, grant consent with the processing of personal data. This functionality is part of Self Care, where you have the option of granting or revoking the respective consents.

B. App

  1. The processing of various data – both data that constitutes personal data and data that does not fall under protection of personal data according to valid legal regulations – can occur in the case of the App.  To improve the quality of our network, various analytical tools that are part of the App may process in anonymised form information about the way your telephone is connected to our network and services, thereby allowing us to ascertain problems with connectivity or connection quality and ensure that the network quality improves in your area. To improve the network and equipment, personal data need not be disclosed. This means that we do not record personal data. All network data is anonymised directly by the App before it is sent to Vodafone. If anonymous data is processed, the App never keeps a record of the telephone number that you are calling or that is calling you, the content of the communications, the sender or recipient of information in a text message on your device or the name of Wi-Fi hotspots. If you provide your consent in the App, the processing of your data according to this paragraph may also take place in non-anonymised form.
  2. The App has the Net Perform functionality integrated in it. Net Perform processes the following types of data:
    1. Network coverage – the App stores data about the connectivity of your phone for the purposes of making calls. This allows us to ascertain problems with connectivity or connection quality and improve network quality in your area. In this respect, we record: the percentage of time that your telephone is registered in the network; the Cell ID number and the location of telephone polls in use, including your movement between them while your telephone is switched on; signal strength, areas where services are limited or completely unavailable; and quality of coverage (2G, 3G, 4G).
    2. Internet connectivity – the App stores statistics about internet connectivity or telephone coverage by the data network. In this respect we record: a test performed each hour whether a connection to the internet is available to you; the speed of recording and downloading data; Cell ID number and location of telephone polls in use, including your movement between them while your telephone is switched on; areas where services are  limited or completely unavailable; quality of coverage; the duration of the internet connection; quality of the Wi-Fi network; and the MAC addresses of the various Wi-Fi hotspots that see your device.
    3. Quality and use of calling services – diagnostics can be carried out to ascertain why a call has been successful or unsuccessful using technical data about the network, about the quality of coverage and about the quality of your telephone signal during the call. This helps us improve all aspects related to your calls. In this respect we record: Cell ID number and location of telephone polls that you use for incoming and outgoing calls, and other polls in use if you change position during your call; signal strength; call duration; the way the call was ended; and quality of coverage.
    4. Data use – for us to carry out diagnostics about overall use of internet data on various phone models, we record data about how many internet services and how much data your device uses. This helps us improve the efficiency with which you use your device and network data (this applies to other customers as well) based on information about data use in real operation. In this respect, we record: hourly consumption of data; how much data your phone uses; if your phone is in standby mode; how much data passes through the Wi-Fi connection and how much through the mobile network.
    5. Apps – for us to be able to identify trends in using data that help us allocate to your area capacity for apps with large data consumption, we assess how much data the apps in your phone use. In this respect, we record: which apps are installed in your phone; how long they are in use; how much data is used by the app; and the speed that such app accepts and sends data.
    6. Device information – for us to be able to assess the performance of a device in our network and carry out diagnostics of the problems of various phones and overall state of your specific phone, we record: the brand and model of the phone; IMEI number, coded and hidden in a way that does not allow it to be identified and that allows it to remain anonymous; operating system; firmware version; hardware options; language and location; battery status; memory use status; and time since last reboot.
    7. Ascertaining position – When measuring the above items concerning coverage and use of data, we know your approximate position accord to the telephone poll for the Wi-Fi hotspot that your telephone is using at the moment. If your telephone or any of its apps use GPS navigation data, we make use of such data to locate your position more exactly, and we try to accelerate it all if your GPS data is available. This allows us to identify areas of weak coverage to improve unsatisfactory services to benefit you and other customers.
  3. Net Perform can process so-called anonymised and aggregated data, which helps us improve the network and equipment. Anonymised data means that it is not possible to identify the person or specific device such data pertains to. This means that if the data that is processed can be linked to a specific device, all network data is anonymised directly by the App itself before such data is sent to Vodafone. Data processed as part of the App via Net Perform are processed for a period of 14 months. Net Perform processes data  even when the user is not logged in to the App.
  4. In the event that the App processes non-anonymised personal data, it does so based only on your consent. You have the option to revoke this consent in the App at any time.
  5. If you change your authorisation so that the App is not authorised to process non-anonymised data, data collected at the time when consent to processing of such data had been given is automatically anonymised. In case consent is granted again, data that is already stored is not anonymised.
  6. For us to be able to improve the My Vodafone App and know what interests you in the App, we make use of analytical tools that process data about visits to the App or measures how the App functions (e.g. how long it takes for a certain App page to load). Analytical tools are both dependent on the user’s behaviour, i.e., whether the user is logged in to the App, and when the user is not logged in to the App. Analytical tools only process anonymised data.
  7. The App makes use of cookies. This includes both Vodafone cookies and third-party cookies. Cookies (small text files in your browser) allow us to ascertain how much the App is visited and how our services and products are used.  This then helps us offer you those services and products that best correspond to your needs and interests. We can use such cookies that allow us to ascertain that you specifically have visited the App. You have the option to refuse to allow Vodafone to use your cookies. If, however, you refuse to allow the use of cookies, you have to come to terms with the fact that some functions will simply not work.
  8. If you use the App and are, at the same time, a Vodafone customer, your data (telephone number) may also be processed for the purposes of various consumer contests the Vodafone organises for App users. The terms and conditions of the various consumer contests shall always be available on the Vodafone website. 

X. Multiple Numbers 

  1. Administrator Passwords (Payer and Administrator) are allowed to view telephone numbers under an account and the related Bills and to switch between the numbers and manage the services linked to the respective number.
  2. It is possible to label a telephone number.
  3. It is possible in the case of certain tariffs to purchase additional SIM cards (numbers) under their group. 

XI. Outages and Limitations

  1. Vodafone shall be authorised to limit all customers’ access to Self Care at any time due to technical difficulties or scheduled work on Vodafone systems without the possibility of compensation.
  2. It is not possible to set up a service at the moment when a different order is being made through Self Care of some other channel (e.g., store, helpline).
  3. The functionality of Self Care shall be limited in the case of customers who are “disconnected from outgoing and incoming services due to non-payment”.
  4. Vodafone shall be entitled to limit functionality and access to Self Care in the case of customer who grossly breach the General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Communications Services. 

XII. Joint Provisions

  1. Unless stipulated otherwise by these Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Communications Services, the valid Pricelist, the Data Services Terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions set out in Vodafone’s printed materials and the terms and conditions of any other Vodafone services shall apply as appropriate. More information can be found on www.vodafone.cz. More information about the protection of privacy at Vodafone can be found on https://www.vodafone.cz/o-vodafonu/ke-stazeni/ochrana-soukromi/.
  2. Vodafone reserves the right to terminate the Self Care product – be it the web version or the App – at any time and without providing a reason. It can also change these Conditions. The foregoing shall be effective on the date of notification thereof on www.vodafone.cz, unless a different later date is expressly stated.
  3. If Vodafone is mentioned herein, Vodafone Czech Republic a.s. (and its network, products and services) is being referred to. Capitalised words and terms that are not expressly defined herein shall have the same meaning as in the General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Communications Services.
  4. These Conditions shall become valid and effective on 25 May 2018.