What is the My Vodafone Self Care at vodafone.cz/muj/en/login for?

The vodafone.cz/muj/en/ website is used for:

  • Service settings for your telephone number / customer account.
  • Getting an overview of the current expenditures.
  • Getting the Billing for the past billing periods.
  • Activation of services or additional bundles.
  • Changing/adjusting your personal data.
  • SIM card blocking in case of loss and ordering a new SIM.

Logging in to My Vodafone Self Care:

  • To log in to My Vodafone, use the same password as used when communicating with a representative. You were provided with the password upon activating your SIM card.
  • You will gain access to vodafone.cz/muj/en/ within 24 hours of activating your telephone number.
  • After your number is cancelled, you can still log in to My Vodafone Self Care using the payer number for 6 following months.

Information about your tariff and changing services easily

Billing and overview payments

Overview of the current expenditures and usage

Status of your request