What is Current expenditure and where do I find it?

With the Current expenditure service:

  • You can easily find out information on the use of voice, SMS, MMS and data services at any time and free of charge.
  • The information is always valid as of the specified date and time.
  • You will find the Current expenditure in My Vodafone Self Care in section Usage.
  • The bill might be delayed in some services, for example roaming.

Tariff customer

  • Find here also an overview of the minimum monthly spending and the use of call limit.
  • The Overview in CZK (total amount inclusive of VAT) includes the prices for all paid services (regular charges, one-off charges, fines and use of services above the tariff limit, third-party payments (DMS, Premium SMS).

Prepaid customer

  • Finds information in the Current expenditure on the credit balance, validity period of the credit and top up information.

How to get Current expenditure in your phone after every call or SMS?

  • With the Messages on display service you will get an overview of the use of bundles and services on your telephone number directly on your phone.
  • You can activate "Notifications after sending SMS, MMS, calling, etc." at My Vodafone in section Services - Other.

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