What can the My Vodafone app do and where do I get it?

The My Vodafone application allows you to access your account from phones with iOS and Android operating systems. The application is completely free in the Czech Republic and abroad. When using it, you do not use up data from your data package, but a functional data connection is required. You can use the application as a customer with prepaid services as well as a customer with monthly billing.

What can My Vodafone do?

The My Vodafone app offers you access to self-service in the form of an application on your smartphone. It allows you to log in permanently, so you don't have to log in every time by filling in your login details.

What can you find in the application?

  • Overwiev - on this page you will find how you utilized your free units (data, calls and messages), the current expenditure for the current billing period and Billing. If the current amount to be paid is higher than CZK 120, you will also find an option for the payment of Billing by credit card (you will also find this in the Billing History section). If you have a prepaid card, you will see the credit status here and you can look at the history of its utilization. You can update the information displayed on this page by swiping from top to bottom.
  • Services - here you have an overview of your active services. Tariff, data services and roaming services (abroad) have their own sections, other services can be found in the summary. You can also change the set services in this section.
  • Offers - special offers or contests designed for your phone number. If your tariff contains data to be picked up in the My Vodafone application, you can get them right here.
  • Account - basic information about your customer account. You can see with what password level you have logged into the application, you can check how up-to-date your personal data are, change consents to the processing of personal data (commercial communications), change the password, view Vodafone News and the status of resolved requests, or find out if you have any restrictions on your number that would prevent full use of the services. You can also add a photo to each phone number to better distinguish them.
  • Shopping - this section can be found in the More section. You can view our eShop or top up your credit here.
  • Our network - this section can be found in the More section. There is a connection speed meter and a current coverage map.
  • SIM card - this section can be found in the More section. Here you can block a lost SIM, order a SIM card when you need to replace the SIM on your existing number or activate a received SIM.
  • Do you need help? - this section can be found in the More section. In the Care Centre (Support section) you will find details about the operation of our services, you can send us a question via the Ask Us menu and you can also see details about your facility.
  • Visit us - this section can be found in the More section. The application will show you the nearest stores and allow you to make an appointment in them.
  • About the app - this section can be found in the More section. Set your language (Czech or English), manage notifications, login method (you can use fingerprint or face login, if your phone allows it) or consents related to the operation of the application. You will also find news from the latest version, business terms and conditions and information about other Vodafone applications.
  • Management of multiple phone numbers - if you are logged in with an administrator's password and have several phone numbers in your customer account, you can switch between them via the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  • Widget for displaying the use of free units or credit - on the desktop of an Android phone (the application must be saved in the phone's memory) or in the iOS notification centre. The widget for Android phones displays different amounts of information depending on the size you specify for it on the desktop. You can change the size of the widget as you wish (on most phones you just have to hold your finger on it for a long time). It's up to you how you customize the widget to suit you. You can find the settings of the displayed information in the application in the section More - Settings - Widget Settings (Android only).
  • Dark mode support - The application adjusts the colour according to the current settings in the phone, so if you have the dark mode currently active on the phone, it will automatically be reflected in the application environment.

What phones is the My Vodafone application for?

Where can I download the application?

How do I log in to the application?