How can I transfer services to another customer?

The fastest way is through My Vodafone selfcare:

Go to the Account - Forms section.

We have already filled in some data for you, please fill in the remaining ones.

Print and sign the form (both old and new customer).

Scan and upload the signed form in section: Attachements and send the request for processing with the Submit button.

Other ways to submit a signed form:

  • Via e-mail - scan the signed form and send it to (non-corporate customers) or to (corporate customers). We recommend using PDF, JPG, PNG, or GIF format with a maximum size of 5 MB.
  • In person - you can submit the form at a Vodafone store.
  • By post - send the signed form to Vodafone Czech Republic a.s., náměstí Junkových 2, 155 00 Prague 5

Documents to download:

  • Contract Assignment Agreement  - a blank PDF form for non-corporate customers / corporate customers . Use the version for corporate customers if at least one of the customers (old or new customer) is corporate = the contract contains the company number – „IČO“.
  • Agreement on Assignment of the Framework Agreement – download here . The framework contract can only be transferred to a corporate customer with the company number = IČO, it is not possible to transfer it to a non-business person. At the same time, the contract cannot be transferred from a legal person to a natural person in business. Send the completed form by e-mail, post, or hand it in at our store.

For each processed form we charge the new customer the amount of 100 CZK.

If you are a corporate customer with a Framework Agreement, do not forget that after transferring some numbers or services to a new customer, you still have to meet the Minimum Monthly Commitment.

Transfer of telephone numbers to foreign customer

  • Attach a permanent or long-term residence permit, EU country ID or passport (for non-EU countries) to the application for Transfer of services.
  • It is necessary to fill in the form in which country issued the document.
  • A foreign customer without a birth number must fill in the date of birth on the form in the format DD / MM / YYYY. Together with the form, provide proof of length of stay.
  • Upload the completed form to the My Vodafone selfcare, scan it and send it by e-mail, or hand it in at our store.

When exactly will customer accounts change?

If the form is filled in correctly, we will transfer your services (the rights and commitments) within 30 days of receiving the application. We will inform you by SMS about the process of the transfer.

Will the same services remain active after the transfer?

  • After the transfer, we will keep the same tariff (for transfers from the Framework Agreement, we will keep the same tariff without any discount).
  • If you want to change the tariff, please contact our customer line after processing the transfer on *77.
  • Please note that it is not possible to transfer the installment agreement to another customer. In this case, the installments remain with the original customer.

When will you return the Call Deposit (after the transfer)?

  • We return the Call Deposit from the framework contract to the original customer upon transfer.
  • We transfer the Call Deposit that you have paid to the individual numbers to the new customer.
  • You can find more about returning the Call Deposit at this link.

How do I, as the original owner of the number, get the last invoice and how can I pay for it??

  • I have other postpaid services with Vodafone - you can find the Bill in your Self Care, the fee for the cancelled (transferred) service will be in the regular monthly Bill with other services.
  • I don't have other postpaid services with Vodafone - see more information on the last Bill.

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