What is the Call Deposit and when it will be returned to me?

  • Your Call Deposit is the monetary amount which you provided at the time of purchase of your SIM card, or at the time of transfer from your Vodafone Card to a tariff.
  • It could be from CZK 0 to CZK 10000. The amount depends on your tariff and security checkup (it's calculated by our system).

When my Call Deposit will be returned?

The Call Deposit can be refunded if you pay three Bills in a row in time (services will be active for 90 days or more) or if you cancel your tariff. We will send you the Deposit within 60 days at latest from fulfilling the conditions for its return. You can choose one of the following ways:

  1. transfer to your Bills (as a payment for next Bills),
  2. transfer to your bank account,
  3. return via postal order.

Where can I set the way of returning of the Call Deposit?

  1. My Vodafone - fill in the number of your Czech bank account for the refund in the My Vodafone self care in the section Services - Billing and limit settings - Call deposit/overpayment refund.
  2. Vodafone Store - you can visit any of our Vodafone Stores.
  3. Customer Care Line - call the Customer Care Line at *77 or 800 77 00 77.

Do you need to have the Call Deposit refunded, but you are no longer within the territory of the Czech Republic and have no CZ account? Use the form for the refund of the Call Deposit to a foreign account in My Vodafone in section My Account - Forms.

I don't have the access to My Vodafone and I have no Czech bank account. What do I do?