Have you received an SMS about an unsettled Bill?

We will notify you of the unsettled Bill with an SMS, if we haven´t received your payment by the Bill´s due date. If this by any chance happens to you please pay your debt as soon as possible.

Has it already been paid?

  • Please check whether the payment deadline of your chosen payment method has already expired.
  • If so, please check whether the payment was credited after the sending of our SMS.
  • If the payment has not been received please check whether it had left your bank account.
  • Have you filled in the payment details correctly?

Are you paying with Direct Debit?

  • If you are paying with Direct Debit, your payment may have failed due to exceeding the debit limit or due to insufficient balance at your account. In such case, we will notify you by an SMS that the payment has not come through and that you would have to pay your Bill by another payment method.
  • We recommend checking the setting of your Direct Debit both in your bank and in My Vodafone Selfcare.

Have you forgotten to pay or has the payment failed to show at our account?

Choose the fastest payment method (we recommend using the ATM or a Credit Card) and make the payment without undue delay.