Where do you find the payment details?

Log in to Self Care vodafone.cz/muj/en/.

In order to log in, you need the administrator password or the password of the payer.

In Self Care, go to Bills.

Here you can find the amount due as well as other important payment details.

Is there any other option?

You can also determine the payment details by sending a free text message to 7700.

What you want to find outSend a text message
The amount due, bank account and payment symbolsFAKT DLUH your password
The last Billing amount, bank account and payment symbolsFAKT INFO your password

Important information in the Billing

  • Total amount to be paid - states the amount you have to pay. If the amount is overdue, send the payment as soon as possible. If you have several Billings overdue, it is sufficient to pay the last one - it contains the summary amount. Billings for an amount less than CZK 120 (CZK 1 - 119) need not be settled immediately. We will add the amount to your next Billing. If there is a minus sign in front of the amount, it indicates an overpayment.
  • Due date - latest day for crediting your payment.
  • Variable symbol - the number of the given Billing; always enter when making the payment.
  • Specific symbol - your customer number; it is the same for all your payments.

OUR TIP: Are you interested in what other items in the Billing mean?

Tax receipt

You can also download the Billing as a PDF document, which also serves as a tax receipt.

In order to view the Billing in PDF, you need to have a PDF viewer installed on your computer. You can download and install it here.

Where can I find the payment details if I have already terminated Vodafone tariff services?

  • If you have activated the Printed Billing service, we will send your last Billing by post as well.
  • If you know the Payer number (you can find it on the first page of each past Billing) and the administrator password, you can download the Billing from Self Care at vodafone.cz/muj/en/ by choosing Log in under the Payer number . You can log in to My Vodafone Self Care with the Payer number within 6 months of cancelling the services at Vodafone.
  • You can also obtain it by calling 800 77 11 77 and entering the telephone number for which you need the Billing and we will put you through to the department of receivables.

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