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What is the My Vodafone Self Care at for?

The website is used for:

  • Service settings for your telephone number / customer account.
  • Getting an overview of the current expenditures.
  • Getting the Billing for the past billing periods.
  • Activation of services or additional bundles.
  • Changing/adjusting your personal data.
  • SIM card blocking in case of loss and ordering a new SIM.

Logging in to My Vodafone Self Care:

  • To log in to My Vodafone, use the same password as used when communicating with a representative. You were provided with the password upon activating your SIM card.
  • You will gain access to within 24 hours of activating your telephone number.
  • After your number is cancelled, you can still log in to My Vodafone Self Care using the payer number for 6 following months.
Information about your tariff and changing services easily
Log in to and go to My services - Active services.
Here you can find all the services that are active for your telephone number (including service fees).
If you wish to change your active services, you can change them in this section.
To activate other services, you can enter other sections (Internet, Roaming, etc.) in the My services section.
Billing and overview of payments
  • In the Expenditure and bills - Bills menu, a detailed description of the services billed and used during the past billing period will be displayed, together with the current payment amount, on your billing day.
  • In the Expenditure and bills - Bills section, you will also find past bill overviews for the services for current and previous year, including their payment details. You can download the Billing overview in PDF format.
Overview of the current expenditures and usage

In the Expenditure and bills - Expenditure and usage menu, you will find an overview of your current expenditures as of the given time.

Status of your request

If a representative or seller assigns your request to a specialised department, we will inform you of its status in the My account - Vodafone Messages section (and through a text message).

In the My Account ? Vodafone Messages section, you will find:

  • the name and type of request,
  • submission, estimated resolution time,
  • the telephone number the request is concerned with,
  • status of the request.

Stay in control of your account

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