What services do I have active right after the purchase?

After purchasing a new SIM Card and its activation, you can start using the following services immediately:

  • Calling, SMS and MMS in the Czech Republic and abroad. To call from abroad, we have set for you one of our roaming tariffs.
  • Missed calls is a services which will send you an SMS about each number which has tried to call you while you had your telephone switched off or without signal.
  • Internet access - If you don't have a data tariff or if you don't block your connection to the Internet, your default data tariff is Connection for a month.
  • Internet access from abroad - We have several data roaming tariffs.
  • Data Cost Control in Roaming - watches your data spending while abroad.
  • Premium SMS and Audiotext
  • Message about calling to another mobile network - will send you a free notification prior to calling to a number which had been transferred from Vodafone informing you that you are calling to a network of another operator.
  • Detailed electronic Bill (for tariff customers) - in the My Vodafone Self Care.
  • Notification SMS - we will notify you of each change at your account with an SMS.

You can change and adjust all these services through our Self Care services.

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