I can not call or do not have a line available

All devices must be properly connected to function properly. Therefore, make sure that the telephone cable is connected to the correct socket of the modem, then to the subscriber socket and, in the case of a cordless telephone, its power supply is also connected to the electric socket. For verification, see the Simplified Diagram of connection.

If you use a so-called parallel line at home (ie several telephones connected to the telephone socket of our modem at the same time, when both ring at the same time when there is an incoming call), there may be a fault on the hub. Before starting troubleshooting, connect only one device to our modem according to the diagram.

Recommendation: At the beginning of diagnosing the cause of the problem, always restart the modem by disconnecting it from the electric socket for a few seconds and check the status again a few minutes later (after you reconnect it again). If the call does not work correctly, the registration of the telephone may have been interrupted.

Incoming calls can be received, but I can't call anyone from my phone

  • If you have a device with a display, always make sure that you dial the correct phone number on the display (to avoid a fault on the keypad).
    Especially, for corded telephones, it is important to dial individual digits with a maximum delay of 1 second - if you are late entering the digits (for example, when looking at the phonebook), an incomplete phone number may be dialled and the caller will not be connected.
  • If you enter the numbers correctly, but you still can't make an outgoing call to the mobile network or landline, but you can make calls and the device rings, it is likely that you have an active pulse dialling on your phone, which we do not support in our network (outgoing calls to any telephone number cannot be made).
  • If switching to tone dialling does not help, the outgoing call barring may be active. Make sure you can call toll-free numbers (starting with 800). If these lines work, change the call barring as needed.

After dialling the number, information about the blocked account is heard in the handset

  • We temporarily block outgoing calls if there is a delay in the payment of any of your bills or if a guarantee is required due to the high amount of calls in the current billing period. Check the status of the account in the My exUPC self-service and pay any arrears. After we receive the payment, we activate the services again.
  • We demand possible payment of the guarantee following the General Terms and Conditions for protection against misuse of the telephone line by an unauthorized person and we will inform our customers in a special letter, which we send after the start of the outgoing call restriction.

You cannot make or receive calls

  • Verify that there is no reported mass service outage (only in Czech language) in your location. In case of a power failure, calls cannot be received or made to anyone, the modem requires uninterrupted power to operate the services.
  • If no outage is detected (especially for cordless phones), make sure that the power cord of the adapter is connected to the device. And whether it is plugged into a working electrical socket at the other end according to the diagram. Alternatively, unplug the device and plug it back into electricity. If everything is connected properly, check by calling after a few minutes.
  • If your phone does not work normally (for example, it does not respond to button presses, displays incorrect information on the display, etc.), we recommend that you reset it to the factory settings. Alternatively, you can arrange a service or replacement (contact the technical support of the manufacturer or an authorized technician). If you use our rental phone (a monthly fee for the device is listed on the bill), contact us, we will check everything together or we will send a technician to you.

Warning: Some administrative changes, such as relocation or modifying the scope of services or transfer to another owner, may cause temporary malfunction of the exUPC Phone (in case of termination or long-term non-payment, the shutdown of service is complete). We recommend that you always check the current status of the services on your contract in the My exUPC self-service when this defect is detected.

I cannot call one specific telephone number (in the Czech Republic)

  • It may not be possible to call some company telephone numbers with controlled traffic (SMS gateways, call centres, payphones, but also regular telephone lines with a PBX). Try dialling the same number with your mobile phone and if you make a call, note the approximate time of the call (when it was not possible to connect the call from our network), and the phone number and contact us. We will try to check the situation together.
  • If private telephone numbers are unavailable, modern devices may have incoming call barring active for your number or landline. Try calling again by suppressing the display of your telephone number or from a mobile phone. If the call cannot be made from another telephone, the called party may have had problems. In this case, you can contact the provider's (telephone operator) infoline, and ask them about the next suitable procedure.

It is not possible to call numbers with a special rate (audiotex, information or premium lines)

  • If you cannot connect the call to third-party services on telephone numbers in the format 90X AB CD ZZ (so-called premium numbers, special rate numbers or audiotext services), you may have active barring of such calls from your number or you have not yet paid the necessary call guarantee.
  • We do not condition calls to information lines (numbers in the 118X format), which also belong to the group of services with a special rate, by passing a call guarantee. If such numbers cannot be called via the exUPC Telephone service, you are probably blocked. Blocks can be managed using so-called service codes.
  • If you have set up outgoing call blocking as required (but calls to third-party services still cannot be made from your phone), contact us and we will check the situation together.

You cannot call a foreign number

  • Make sure you dial the correct country code when dialling, including the two zeros at the beginning (for example, for Slovakia 00421 + phone number in national format). An overview of the foreign prefixes of all countries can be easily found on the Internet.
  • If the format of the dialled number is correct, but the call cannot be connected, check by dialling the number from another device (eg your mobile phone) to see if you hear a ringtone. If you can call from elsewhere, the other party may have blocked incoming calls from your line number. Otherwise, you may have blocked all international calls or have difficulty answering calls.

Warning: In some cases, some specific destinations are blocked to protect against abuse.

Upozornění: V některých případech jsou pro ochranu proti zneužití blokovány některé specifické destinace.

No one can call me, but the outgoing call works

  • Make sure the device isn't just muted - it's best to call your line number from your mobile phone. When you hear the ringing tone in the handset, use the volume keys (usually the up arrow below the display) with the other hand to increase the volume of the loudspeaker on the device. If the volume cannot be adjusted, follow the operating instructions.
  • If there is no problem adjusting the volume, check that all devices are connected correctly according to the diagram. If the phone still does not ring, in exceptional cases the option of blocking the incoming call or a fault on the device may be activated, contact us for further information, we will try to find a suitable solution together.

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