Who is the tariff #jetovtobě for and how to get it?

  • The #jetovtobě tariff is designed for new and also existing Vodafone customers aged 6 to 26 years old with a valid ISIC card. You can get it in our eShop, in My Vodafone self-care, at any store or by calling to *77.
  • With #jetovtobě tariff, you get unlimited calls and SMS to all networks and 20 GB of data per month (includes 5 GB that you pick up in the My Vodafone app) for a discounted price of CZK 544 (incl. VAT). You can also get a SIM for shared data (for free), which is suitable for a tablet or laptop.
  • When using the My Vodafone application, you will receive a gift from us: 5 GB of data in addition to the tariff. All you have to do is pick them up every month in the application (in the Offers section).
  • Would you prefer unlimited data? Take a look at our offer #jetovtobě Unlimited.
  • Don't need so much data and minutes? We also offer #jetovtobě 3 GB for CZK 327.

For how long will I get the tariff?

  • You will get the #jetovtobě tariff with a discounted price of CZK 544 per month for 12 months without contract.
  • After this period, we will automatically extend the discounted offer for another year, if you still meet the conditions (age under 27 and valid ISIC card).
  • We will inform you by SMS (3 months, 1 month and 1 week) in advance about the approaching expiration of the offer. So, don't forget to check the validity of your ISIC card in time. If you have changed your card and have a new ISIC number, contact us at *77 so that we can fill in a valid ISIC number in the system and we can extend your tariff conditions.
  • Please note that if you cannot prove to us the right to an extension of the tariff discount and you have not selected another one from our offer, we will charge you the basic price of CZK 1648.21 for the #jetovtobě tariff or CZK 543.60 for the #jetovtobě 3 GB tariff.

Can I switch to the #jetovtobě tariff if I have a Vodafone prepaid card?

  • You can, but before activating the tariff it is necessary to switch from a prepaid card to a postpaid card.
  • It´s possible to do it in every Vodafone store.

I have a tariff with a contract, can I still switch to the #jetovtobě tariff?

  • If you have not received a discount on your phone with the contract or you do not use the instalments for any equipment, we can make the change immediately.
  • Or you can wait for the current commitment to end and switch to the tariff afterwards.
  • You can also give early termination of the contract (in some cases with payment of the obligation). As soon as the commitment is cancelled, we will be able to set the #jetovtobě tariff for you.

Can I activate the tariff even if I am not yet 15 years old?

  • For those interested in a tariff who have not yet been 15 years of age, the activation must be carried out by a legal representative. He will also be the owner of the customer account.