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How to pay the Bill through an ATM?

  • The payment is entirely fee-free, even if the ATM does not belong to your home bank. You can pay at ČSOB, Komerční banka and Euronet ATMs.
  • You can also pay by a foreign payment card, issued by a card association, whose name is on ATMs (VISA, Master Card, etc.).
  • All you need to know is the amount due and the Bill number or at least one phone number the Bill is associated with.
  • The payment is credited to our account within 24 hours.
Find a Vodafone logo branded ATM.
The ATM may not belong to the bank where you have an account.
Insert your credit card into the cash dispenser, select language and enter your PIN.
Select the option Mobile Services and Vodafone.
Then opt for Payment of Bill.
Enter the phone number associated with the Bill you want to pay.
Enter the amount rounded to integer crowns.
120 CZK at least.
Enter the phone number you want to receive the comfirmation of payment to.
The ATM will print you a document with the transaction number. Keep this document.
We will send the confirmation about the payment performed by the means of an SMS message upon the successful comletion of transaction.
When the payment via ATM is not possible?
  • If you only have Fixed internet active on your customer account (there is no mobile number in the bill).
  • If the phone number had been cancelled (the contract or the service provision has terminated).
  • If you migrated from a tariff number to a prepaid card and you want to pay the Bill with this phone number additionally.
  • If you want to reimburse a Bill which doesn't exceed 120 CZK. You don't have to pay such Bill immediately. We will add the sum to your next Bill.

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