What services do I have active at my SIM Card right after the purchase?

After purchasing a new SIM Card and its activation, you can start using the following services immediately:

Calling, SMS and MMS in the CR and abroad. To call from abroad, we have set for you Vodafone World Roaming.

Missed calls is a services which will send you an SMS about each number which has tried to call you while you had your telephone switched off or without signal.

Connect Daily is internet access. This bundle is activated when your mobile connects to the internet. The price of Connect Daily always applies for the 24 hours following the first connection.

Connect Daily from Abroad is only automatically activated at the first access to the internet abroad.

Roaming Data Limit to control your expenses abroad.

Premium SMS and Audiotext.

Message about calling to another mobile network will send you a free notification prior to calling to a number which had been transferred from Vodafone informing you that you are calling to a network of another operator.

Detailed electronic Bill (for tariff customers) in the My Vodafone Self Care.

Notification SMS - we will notify you of each change at your account with an SMS.

You can change and adjust all these services through our Self Care services.

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