What is FlexiCeiling and how to set it up?


  • Watches the spending on a telephone number free of charge.
  • Once you reach the amount of FlexiCeiling limit your paid services will be reduced until the end of the billing period, so that you can be sure that you will not spend more on calls.

If you just want to be informed about the used-up limit, without blocking, our FlexiLimit  service is just for you.

We inform you by SMS when you reach 50 %, 90 % and 100 % of the FlexiCeiling limit. After having reached 100 % of FlexiCeiling your paid services will be blocked but you will still be able to use incoming services and the remaining free units from your tariff or bundles.

Abroad, there is a blockage of paid and unpaid services already at 90 % FlexiCeiling.

How to set FlexiCeiling?
  1. Internet Self Care - in the menu Settings of services - Bill and limit settings
  2. Voice Self Care - call *77 and select Bill, payment, current spending - Current spending - Cost under constrol - FlexiCeiling

For setup you will need an administrator password. The settings will take effect immediately. We will inform you about the settings in an SMS.

What is all included in the FlexiCeiling?

The FlexiCeiling limit:

  • Includes all charges for bundles and services on your telephone number, including roaming services and third-party services.
  • Set the FlexiCeiling in whole hundreds of CZK.
  • The FlexiCeiling amount may not exceed your Call Limit.
  • FlexiCeiling cannot be used for prepaid cards.

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