Why are we changing My Vodafone passwords as well as passwords for communication with operators and employees in our stores?

  • We are changing passwords to stronger ones because the security of our customers personal data is important to us. We always do our best to increase the security of customer accounts, and this is one of the steps to achieve this aim.
  • Customers who have not changed their passwords to stronger ones will be notified of the change of their administrator passwords. The new password containing at least 6 digits will be sent to you by SMS.
  • We change those passwords that, according to our system checks, do not meet the current password requirements.

How do I change the password to my own combination of digits?

Please keep in mind that it is always necessary to meet password requirements described below. The options are as follows:

  1. Via My Vodafone SelfCare you can change your password in the My account - Passwords section. In order to set a new administrator password, you must log in with the currently valid administrator password.
  2. Via My Vodafone App - select Account - Change Password. In order to set a new administrator password, you must log in with the currently valid administrator password.

What are the current password requirements for logging into My Vodafone?

  • The password must be between 6 and 15 digits long.
  • The password must contain at least 3 different digits and must not consist of numerical series or other simple combinations (for example, 123456 cannot be used).
  • We recommend that you choose a password you will remember, but is not easy to guess (your birth identification number, date of birth, etc. is not suitable).

I can still log in with my old password, but I cannot access my Bill or change the services. Why?

  • If you do not see your Bill and you cannot change services after you have logged in, you have used the user password.
  • You can find out what password you have used to log in at My Vodafone website in the upper right corner or in My Vodafone App in the section.
  • If you have been using the same combination for the user and administrator passwords, but you changed the administrator password, your old password now only works as the user password. In order to have a full access to Bill and to be able to change your services, it is therefore necessary to use the administrator password.
  • Would you like to read more about the different password types? For more detailed information, click here.
Password Type Information in My Vodafone SelfCare

I cannot find the new administrator password, or it is not working. What can I do?

  • We are sorry the change of password may have caused you some troubles.
  • There are a few ways you can get your password. Find out about them by clicking here .
  • If you cannot log in with your new password, you can restore it by following the steps described in the previous paragraph.

Why Vodafone changed my password even though I did not give my consent to that?

We decided to change passwords that fail to meet the requirements in order to increase the security of customer data. The security of customer data is important to us and we want to minimise the risk of possible fraud or misuse.

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