I want to cancel my agreement. How should I proceed and what does it mean for me?

  • You can use our services without a commitment or with an agreement for a definite term (usually 24 months), with which you get e.g. better tariff prices or the option of buying a telephone on instalments.
  • You can cancel the concluded agreement prematurely, but you should know that we may charge you a certain part of the unfulfilled liability.
  • Notice of termination may only be submitted by the owner of the customer account, meaning the person to whom the number is registered.
  • You do not have to cancel your phone number completely. You can use Zero Tariff.

How can I terminate an agreement for a definite term?

Will I pay any penalties/fines for premature termination of the agreement?

When and how can I request cancellation/porting of my telephone number?

I have a framework agreement with Vodafone. How should I proceed?

You can use My Vodafone even if you have inactive mobile phone number. Please log in with your payer number on this page. The payer number is visible on your Invoice. Login to your customer account using the payer number is possible for 6 months after the cancellation of your last telephone number with Vodafone.