What should I do if my Wi-Fi modem data doesn't work – Cable Free Connection

Check and test the following:

Turn the modem off and on.

First of all, try turning the modem off, unplugging it for a while and then turning it back on. Sometimes this simple advice works best.

Reset the modem.

For the Huawei B310, Huawei B311 and ZTE MF255v modems, hold the reset button for 5 seconds, for the Vodafone B3000 modem select System - Maintenance, click Reset and confirm OK.

Make sure you have the correct SIM inserted in the modem.

Try removing the SIM and reinserting it into the modem to be sure.

Try connecting to the modem with another device.

This will verify if the error is in the modem or in the connected device.

Verify that you have not exhausted the Data/DataLimit.

For Cable Free Connection, we slow down the data after 30 GB is used up, for Cable Free Connection Full, the data services stop completely after the DataLimit is used up. Read more.

Check that you do not have an active PIN code on your SIM card.

If you turn on the modem and no LED is lit on the signal, you need to cancel the PIN.

Check available coverage.

You need a sufficient LTE signal to connect to the internet.

Network status.

We don't like to see it, but sometimes our network has problems and can be unavailable. You can check the current status of the network at a specific address at any time in the coverage map.

You may have forgotten to pay your Bill and therefore have limited service.

Check your payment status in the My Vodafone SelfCare. After payment, we will restore the service within 24 hours. We then recommend switching the modem off and on.

Your Wi-Fi network may be interfering with nearby networks.

Connect to the modem via the network cable. If the cable connection works, interference from your Wi-Fi network may be causing internet problems. In this case, try changing the Wi-Fi channel.

What to do next?

Have you tried all the tips, but the data still doesn't work for cable-free connection? Drop by one of our stores with your modem and SIM card so we can test what's causing the malfunction.

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