I received an SMS about the start of using Connection for a month. What does it mean?

Only if you do not have any of the data plans that contain monthly amount of data, we will send you an SMS about the start of using data plan when your phone connects to the Internet for the first time. Your phone starts using the default data plan Connection for a month.

You are not aware that your phone connected to the Internet?

  • There might be updates of applications, check the settings of your phone.
  • The phone could prioritize mobile network over Wi-Fi (eg Wi-Fi assistant on iPhone, ignore the weak connection, Wi-Fi+, and similar services on Android OS).
  • Some of your applications may connect to the Internet in the background, beware of applications that you download to your phone and from what source.
  • In exceptional cases, your phone may connect to the Internet even if you turn off the data on it (eg in a situation where you do not use the data, but still have a connection to the LTE network enabled). If you want to be sure, block the data for your phone number.

How to turn off Connection for a month?

  1. Choose a different data plan.
  2. Block the connection for your phone number via My Vodafone.

If you have a smartphone (such as Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone) and you also use MMS, we recommend that you have any data plan active and also have enabled data on your phone at the same time. MMS may not work with a disabled connection (we do not charge data associated with receiving/sending MMS).

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