I have a smartphone and my invoice contains an SMS that I did not send. What is wrong?

  • It is possible when using a smartphone, an SMS to a Czech or foreign number may be sent without your knowledge.
  • SMS is usually used as a registration to a service/application or to verify your identity. For the details see the terms and conditions of the applications or services that send the SMS.
  • Vodafone does not affect the sending of such SMS. We charge this type of SMS in the same way as any other SMS according to your tariff solution (SMS from the Czech Republic to a foreign number costs CZK 1.73).

Which applications and services may send SMS in the background?

The overview below is not the complete list of apps and services. It is the list of most common situations, you ask us. You should get information about the possible sending of this type of SMS especially from the applications or services (that sends the SMS).

  • Activation SMS of iMessage and FaceTime - SMS is sent in background to the foreign number +447786205094, read the details.
  • Security of Google services – if you add a security phone number to your Google account, an SMS will be sent to one of the registration phone numbers: +420773800758, +420773800782, +420773800832, +420773800836, +420773800837, +420773800846, +420773800848, +420773800895, +420773800896, +420773800897.
  • McAfee Mobile Security Antivirus – some features of this application require sending an SMS to a foreign phone number +19253539035.
  • Find Device and Mi Cloud service of Xiaomi phones – when the Find Device and Mi Cloud function is activated, an SMS is sent to a foreign phone number (for example +447786209730, +447491163442).

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