What to do when the phone works unusually or seems broken?

The information on this page is for customers who use the exUPC Telefon service.

If your landline phone does not work as it should, does not respond to buttons commands, you have problems with sound, etc., check out the tips below. If you are using your own telephone and troubleshooting tips do not help, go through the manual or contact the manufacturer's technical support or professional service. If you do not want to invest in repairs, we can deliver our phone to you for rent (for monthly fee, see the Price List).

The call is prematurely terminated, the phone display goes out

Unusual characters appear on the phone display

The phone does not respond, but the display lights up as usual

The called party cannot be heard in the call

The called party claims that he cannot hear me

There is no tone from the handset when you dial the number

The message flashes or lights up on the phone display, the call does not work

If the advice did not help, contact us, we will try to find a suitable solution together.