How can I activate or cancel the Voice Mail?

Callers can leave you a message in your Voice Mail, if you can not answer an incoming call.


If you want to use Voice Mail, you need to activate it and set up diverting calls. Kindly check in My Vodafone Self Care if Voice Mail is active for your telephone number.

There is a need to set up diverting calls in menu of your mobile phone. Kindly use this telephone number: +420 608 98 98 98 for diverting calls to your Voice Mail.


If you do not want to use Voice Mail, it is necessary to cancel call diverting in your mobile phone. You can do it in the menu of your mobile phone or by a code ##002# which you type at the keyboard of your handset and send as a phone call. This code deactivates any call diverting which is set up in your mobile phone.

Your Voice Mail will be still activate for 90 days since its last use, but if you cancel call diverting, no phone call will reach the mail box.

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