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How to pay the Bill with a Direct Debit?

The Direct Debit payment is the most comfortable one - once you set it, you don't need to worry anymore. There are two steps you need to take and you are done.

Establishing a Direct Debit with the Bank
In your bank, set up consent to Direct Debit for the payment transfer to our bank account Nr. 217077033/0300. Enter no variable or specific symbol. If you have a giro account with Česká Spořitelna, you will have to enter the specific symbol of your giro account. In your Consent to Direct Debit, you will have to set up the so called debit limit. This will be the maximum monthly amount which can be deducted from your account to the Vodafone account. Set it high enough because if you happen to call for more than your limit, the bank will not transfer the money and your Bill will remain unsettled. We will notify you by SMS about an outstanding Bill. You will then have to pay the due amount in an alternative way.
Direct Debit Activation with Vodafone
Log into My Vodafone Self Care and choose the menu My services - Bill and limits settings. Press the button SHOW in the Direct Debit section and fill in the required data.

Do you want to change the account for the Direct Debit payment? If you want to change the account from which the Direct Debit is transferred, you have to activate the Direct debit at your new account in terms of the instructions Establishing the Direct Debit with the Bank above and change the Direct Debit Setting also in My Vodafone Self Care in the section Settings of services - Bill and limits settings.

Detailed information about automatic Direct Debit
  • Direct Debit can only take place 8 days prior to the due date so you can be sure that the amount is credited to our account in time and you will evade delay.
  • If you decide to pay the Bill with Direct Debit and there are more numbers associated with your account, you are automatically activating the Direct Debit for all these numbers. If you have more Bills with us, the Direct Debit has to be activated for each of those Bills separately. If you are paying all your Bills from the same bank account, you only need to establish the Direct Debit with your bank once.
  • To make sure the Direct Debit transfer is operational, you have to activate the Direct Debit prior to the Bill being issued, that is, one day before your Bill Cycle at the latest. Use another payment method to perform the payment of Bill issued before your Direct Debit has become active.
  • Direct Debit will not come through if the Bill amount is lower than 120 CZK.
  • After the cancellation of a telephone number, the last Bill will also be paid through Direct Debit.
  • If you have no other active phone numbers at your Bill, cancel the consent to Direct Debit after the last payment had been deducted.

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