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How does Connection for a month work?

  • Connection for a month is a data tariff for occasional use of the Internet. It contains 100 MB of data for CZK 49 and it is valid for 30 days.
  • You initiate the tariff with the first connection to the Internet. Until then, you do not have to pay anything, and no data are used up.
  • Connection for a month is the default data tariff. If you don't have a data tariff or if you don't block your connection to the Internet, your default data tariff is Connection for a month.
How do I know what is my data tariff setting?
Log in to My Vodafone and choose the section Services - Internet.
To enter the My Vodafone Self Care, you will need your password.
In the Internet section, you will see your current data tariff setting.
You can change your data tariff there. However, if it's an integral part of your tariff (e.g. in the Red Full tariffs), it is not possible to change only the data tariff, you will have to change the whole tariff solution.
What does Connection for a month offer?

Connection for a month is a good solution for undemanding users who use the Internet only occasionally.

  • If you set Connection for a month, you initiate the use of the tariff by connecting your device to the Internet for the first time. You will have 100 MB of data available for 30 days.
  • If you use up the 100 MB of data before the 30-day period expires, we will renew the data for CZK 49. You will have another 30 days to use the additional data.
  • You may set the maximum number of renewals of the tariff using the DataLimit service.
  • After the 30-day period, you re-initiate the tariff only after your first connection to the Internet.
How does the DataLimit service work with Connection for a month?
  • The default setting of the DataLimit service for Connection for a month is 10 renewals. This means if you use the tariff continuously, it may be renewed 10 times.
  • You may change the setting of the DataLimit service via My Vodafone and renew the data as many times as you want. If you change the setting of the DataLimit service, the setting remains active until you change your data tariff.
  • Once you reach the DataLimit and use up all of your data, you will not be able to use the Internet until the end of the 30-day period.
  • The DataLimit is always re-set to zero after the 30-day period from the last activation/renew of data volume expires.
Why have I received a text message on the initiation of the tariff Connection for a month although I have not connected my device to the Internet?

This message is sent as soon as your mobile phone connects itself to the Internet. This can happen without your doing, for example during an update of a part of the system or a mobile application.

Are you not aware of being connected to the Internet?

  • Your phone may be installing background updates: check the settings of your applications and mobile phone.
  • Your phone could have given preference to a mobile network instead of a Wi-Fi connection (e.g. iPhone Wi-Fi Assistant, ignoring weak connection on Android).
  • Certain harmful applications may automatically connect the mobile phone to the Internet: please be careful what applications and from what sources you download into your device.
How can I turn off Connection for a month?
  1. Choose a different data tariff.
  2. Block the connection for your number in My Vodafone.
If you have a smartphone (such as Android, iPhone or Windows Phone) and you also send MMS, we recommend having any data tariff active and allowing data connection on your device. If you block the data connection, you might not be able to send MMS (we do not charge data used by receiving/sending MMS).

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