How do I return the equipment I have rented?

  • If you have cancelled your Fixed Internet Cable or Vodafone TV service, you need to return the leased modem or set-top box (or CA module) to us so that we can end the lease of the equipment and not charge you even if you no longer use the service.
  • Termination of service and termination of facility rental are two different steps. If you are cancelling the service, you must first agree with us to terminate the service, then return the rented equipment to us within 14 days.
  • You can also use the information below if you have rented more than one set-top box from us and you no longer need one of them.

How can I return a rented set-top box or modem?

  • Make sure you return the complete package. The modem should come with a power cord and connection cables. Along with the set-top box you should also return the power cable, remote control and connection cables (HDMI, Ethernet cable).
  • You can send the equipment by post - download the Rental Equipment Return Form (only in Czech) and fill it in carefully. Include the completed form in the parcel with the equipment and send it to Vodafone - Muff Logistics - H1, Do Čertous 2634/7, 193 00 Prague 20. We recommend using registered mail to make sure that the shipment has arrived.
  • You can also find detailed information on how to return the equipment directly on the rental return form.

I have lost or broken my rental equipment, what should I do?

  • If you are unable to return a working modem or set-top box to us, we will charge you a penalty based on the type of equipment and terminate the monthly rental.
  • Contact us by phone at *77 or in person at the store to discuss the specific steps. We will then add the contractual penalty to the next regular Billing.