What is a Zero Tariff (zero package) and is it in any way limited?

  • It does not contain any free units.
  • It is suitable, for example, for a data device (modem) or security device.
  • You do not pay any monthly fee for it.
  • We charge CZK 6.55 incl. VAT per minute for calls within the Czech Republic (mobile networks and landline); an SMS costs CZK 1.51 incl. VAT. The default for connecting to the Internet is Connection for a month.
  • For other used services we charge you amounts according to the valid Price list of services.
  • When calling, we round the length of calls to whole minutes.
  • Corporate customers cannot activate the Zero Tariff.

If you do not use the tariff for a period of 13 months (you do not make a call, do not send an SMS or do not use other paid services), we can cancel the tariff and telephone number according to the conditions of the Zero Tariff.