How to pay the Bill with a credit card via the internet?

You can use your credit card to pay the bill in My Vodafone Self Care in the section Bills.

Your payment will be credited to our account within 24 hours. You can pay with your Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or Maestro credit card. We accept credit cards issued in the Czech Republic. You can also make the payment with a card issued in EU countries that supports two-factor authentication (confirmation of the payment via SMS or in the bank application).

Vodafone doesn't record any sensitive information associated with the credit card (such as the credit card number). This method of payment can be used to pay both own and other party's Bills at the minimum amount of 120 CZK. You don't have to pay a Bill which doesn't exceed 120 CZK; we will add it to the following Bill.

Do you want to pay the Bill for another phone number?

  • You can make the Bill payment also for another phone number in My Vodafone Self Care in the section Bills - Pay another number.
  • Enter the amount and phone number you want to pay the Bill for.
  • Check the phone number and amount.
  • Then simply enter the credit card information and confirm payment. You can change language of the payment gateway on the bottom of page.

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