How and where can you recharge your credit?

  • The most comfortable and quickest way to recharge is via ATM or bank card online. If you recharge online you will also receive a gift.
  • You can use a broad network of recharging points of our partners.
  • You can recharge any Vodafone telephone number which uses the recharge card (i.e., our credit services).
  • Recharging will take place within 24 hours at the latest.

How can you recharge your credit?

How can I recharge?How much can I recharge?
In an ATMCZK 200 - 9,999
In Vodafone Internet SelfCare at section ChargingCZK 300 - 9,999
With a card over the Internet.You can recharge your credit with a credit card issued in the Czech Republic with enabled internet payments. You can also make the payment with a card issued in EU countries that supports two-factor authentication (confirmation of the payment via SMS or in the bank application).CZK 300 - 5,000
At cash registers in retail chains (Tesco, COOP, Rossmann, Žabka, Pepco, Flosman)CZK 200, CZK 300, CZK 500, CZK 700 and CZK 1,000
In on-line terminals (Czech Post branches, Sazka, GECO, ) further in newsagents, petrol stations or in small groceriesCZK 200 - 9,999
In Tipsport terminalsCZK 250, CZK 300, CZK 400, CZK 500 and CZK 1,000
Via Internet banking of selected banksČeská spořitelna, ČSOB, Poštovní spořitelna, Komerční banka, Moneta Money Bank, UniCredit BankCZK 200 - 9,999
Using the recharge couponCZK 250
At Vodafone shopCZK 200 - 15,000

When and how can you recharge your credit just after activating your prepaid card?