What is the expiration of my credit and SIM card?

From 24 July 2024 we are changing the validity of top-up credit, the new terms and conditions apply to all customers and will apply on the first top-up from the date of change.

  • The credit will be valid for 7 months from the last top-up.
  • If you top up your card within the next 3 months of the expiry date, we will refund the expired credit within 5 days.
  • If you do not top up your credit even after 10 months from the last top up or SIM activation, your phone number will be automatically cancelled due to inactivity.
  • Credit on your Vodafone Card is active always for a period of 10 months after last charging or after buying, if you haven't charged.
  • The initial Extra Credit is valid for 45 days from SIM activation and you can use it for Vodafone services (you cannot pay for third party services such as SMS tickets).
  • After your credit expires, you still have a three-month period to renew your Vodafone Card.
  • If you don't recharge your credit during this period, your phone number will be automatically cancelled.
  • We offer more ways to recharge your credit.

How to establish the current level of credit and it's validity?

  1. In My Vodafone Self Care - under the main menu select Charging.
  2. Visit My Vodafone mobile app - the application is available for iPhone and Android users.
  3. Call the shortcode *22# from your mobile phone.

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