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What does Prepaid Card 30 offer?

With Prepaid Card 30 after reaching daily expenditure to CZK 30 you can call, send SMS unlimited and spend up to 400 MB to the midnight of the same day for free.

  • The prices are: CZK 3/min, CZK 3 for SMS, CZK 3 for 10 MB.
  • When you reach CZK 30, we will activate the Prepaid Card 30 benefit and we will inform you by SMS.
  • Until midnight of that day, you can make free calls, send SMS and use up to 400 MB of data.
  • You cannot enjoy this benefit if you activate one of the Prepaid Bundles.
  • We charge calls per minute (60+60.)
  • When you purchase the card, it has an Extra credit of CZK 200, which must be used within 45 days.
Which services are not included in the daily CZK 30 limit?
  • Payments to third parties
  • Calling abroad
  • Calling, SMS and data in roaming zones 2 and 3
  • Payments for prepaid card packages
  • MMS
Where can I check my daily spending?
  1. In My Vodafone app - in the Overview section
  2. In My Vodafone Self Care - in the section Expenditure and bills - Expenditure and usage
  3. Via SMS self-care - send a message PREHLED BENEFIT to 7700. Data usage can be found by sending SMS KOLIK DAT to 7700.
How much data can I use and can I get more?
  • Once you spend CZK 30 in a given day, you will get at least a 300 MB, but not more than a 400 MB data package. It depends on how much data you have already used up as part of the CZK 30 spending (e.g. if you spend the CZK 30 on calls, you will get 400 MB; if you spend the CZK 30 on data, we give you 300 MB because you have already used the other 100 MB). In any case, you will always have a total of 400 MB of data for any given day.
  • When you run out of the 300 MB data package, you are disconnected from the Internet. You can increase your data limit once by 500 MB for CZK 49 in the My Vodafone app or in the My Vodafone Self Care online. If you run out of this data as well, you will be able to reconnect from the beginning of the next day, or you can activate the Prepaid Bundle with free data. Just be aware that you do not enjoy the Prepaid Card 30 benefits when the Prepaid Bundle is activated.
Prepaid Card 30 in roaming
  • Spending on calls, SMS and data in roaming zone 1 (EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Great Britain) is included in the daily spending of CZK 30.
  • You can enjoy the benefits only in the roaming zone 1.
  • Calling abroad and calls, SMS and data in roaming zones 2 and 3 are not included in the daily spending and are subject to the applicable price lists.
How can I switch to Prepaid Card 30?
  • If you already have a prepaid SIM card with us, you can switch to Prepaid Card 30 via My Vodafone Self Care or via the app. It is not possible to revert back to an older type of a prepaid card after switching to the new Prepaid Card 30.
  • If you do not have a number with us yet, visit our store.
Further information
  • The benefits remain valid until midnight of the given day. If you call someone before midnight and the call lasts to the next day, it will be free of charge within the Unlimited Calls (maximum talk time is 65 minutes).
  • We only charge for long calls until you reach your daily spending of CZK 30, the rest of the call is free.
  • With the Prepaid Card 30, you can activate any Vodafone Pass and you will not miss on the benefits. Spending for a Vodafone Pass (bundle activation) is not counted towards the daily limit of CZK 30.
  • You can disable Internet connection, but you can only re-enable it on the next day.

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