I have problems with call quality

The information on this page is for customers who use the exUPC Telefon service.

  • The operation of the exUPC Telefon service in our network depends on the data connection, which is used to connect and transfer the call.
  • Problems can occur if the signal quality decreases or the cause is in the modem (which also provides receiving and sending data for calls).
  • These are the most common reasons for distorting or decomposing the tone of the voice during a call, failures of individual words or sentences, or other shorter or longer interruptions in speech. If you do not hear the called party or the caller at all, refer to the telephone fault information.

Recommendation: If you experience these call problems, check a telephone outage (only in Czech language) in your area.

Before you start troubleshooting cordless phones, make sure that the base is not hidden in furniture or obstructed. Also, reduce the distance between the base and the handset to a minimum to avoid signal dropouts during the procedure.

Restart the modem to which the telephone is connected.

Unplug the power cord from the electrical socket. After a few seconds, plug the cable back in, wait a few minutes, and then try the call.

Check the coaxial cable.

Unscrew the cable connectors from the back of the modem and at the other end from the exUPC subscriber socket. Make sure that the cable is not broken anywhere or passes through obstacles (eg under the door). Wipe both connectors with a dry cloth and screw them back into place. Once the modem is retuned to our network, check the call quality again after a few minutes.

Check the connections of the other cables and reset the modem to factory settings.

To check the correctness, download the simplified diagram of connection, or if you use more than one exUPC service, see the self-installation manual. The factory setting of the modem is done by inserting an object with a blunt tip (pen, toothpick) for 30 seconds - into the RESET button, which is located on the back of the modem. The exact location of the button depends on the type of modem you are using.

Have you checked everything you need according to this procedure, checked the connection and reset the modem to factory settings, but the call quality is still insufficient? Contact us, we will check the situation together.

Note: These instructions do not apply if you register noise or cracking in the handset during calls to a landline telephone and there may be a problem with the cable between the handset and the body of the device. Try disconnecting it from both sides, flipping its ends and plugging it back in. If it no longer has a sufficiently tight contact or is damaged in any place, replace it with new one. If the problem persists or you are using a cordless phone, there may be a problem with the speaker of the handset - contact service or replace the device. If you have our device for rent, contact us.

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