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Odešlete nám svůj výběr a nechte na sebe kontakt. Zavoláme vám a objednávku společně dokončíme.

We will call you

Kliknutím na „Objednat“ souhlasíte s tím, že budete kontaktováni s obchodní nabídkou.
Více o ochraně soukromí

Why the change?

The connection with UPC gave us the opportunity to adjust our systems so that we could offer you the best mobile services, fixed internet and television. That is why we are gradually transferring UPC services to Vodafone's systems.


You don't have to worry. We’ll do everything to ensure that your transfer goes smoothly, so you can soon enjoy all the Vodafone benefits.


We will arrange everything for you. We will contact you and together schedule a date for a visit from our technician, who will ensure the replacement of the existing equipment for the new one.

How will the change take place?

To give you a better idea of what will follow, we've illustrated the steps for you. We can handle most of them on our side, but for example the replacement of equipment will definitely not be possible without your help, so we ask you to kindly cooperate.

Preparation for the change

You will receive the initial information about the planned changes 2 months in advance.

Detailed information

Detailed information will reach you by e-mail or letter about a month before the change.

We will arrange a date

We will call you and together choose a date for the visit by a technician that will suit you.

Replacement of equipment

On the agreed “D” day, our technician will visit you and take care of replacing the device with a new one.

Welcome to Vodafone

Then you can log in to the My Vodafone self-service. You will receive the data by SMS.

Device replacement

We will replace your current device with a new and more modern Vodafone TV.

Our technician will take care of everything and the replacement is completely free of charge.

The installation date is up to you.

We will call you and arrange everything.


Replacement of HD DVR Mediabox

You can look forward to a brand-new Vodafone TV. You will get a Vodafone TV set-top box and an internet modem. Everything with the features you're used to. Replacement is FREE OF CHARGE.

More information


Replacement of HD Mediabox

You can look forward to a brand-new Vodafone TV. You will get a Vodafone TV set-top box and an internet modem. Everything with the features you're used to. Replacement is FREE OF CHARGE.

More information

Changes to services and products

We will notify you of any changes well in advance by e-mail or letter to your post box. We will maintain the quality of your services.


Fixed Internet

Your Internet will keep functioning just the same as now, we will maintain the speed and quality of your connection.

More information


Vodafone TV

You can look forward to a brand new TV experience with Vodafone TV, which offers everything you are used to and much more.

Benefits of Vodafone TV

Billing and My Vodafone application

We know you don't like changes, but don't worry, it will be easy. You will receive login details for the My Vodafone self-service automatically via an SMS message. Then all you C1 Public C1 Public have to do is log in on your computer or in our mobile application and you will have control over your billing and services.



If you pay by standing order, SIPO payment or direct debit, then for you, payment data and the variable symbol will remain the same, only the billing period changes.

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My Vodafone app

You can easily manage the billing and settings of your services (internet and television) in our My Vodafone self-service, either on a computer and via a mobile application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is device replacement free of charge?

How do I find out when a change needs to be done at my home?

How will the appointment be arranged and the visit of the technician proceed?

When will the services be transferred to Vodafone's systems?

How will I pay for the services?

How to log in to My Vodafone?

Will the transfer to Vodafone systems also change the terms of service?

You didn't find an answer?


Before the technician visits you

We will be happy to advise you on your question.

Question about UPC services


The technician has already visited me

Do you have questions about your services in the world of Vodafone? We will advise you.

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