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What is the Employee Programme

An individually compiled offer of services for your employees. Thanks to this programme, your employees will get the opportunity to use interesting mobile tariffs, a fixed connection or the digital Vodafone TV.

Employees are key for the success of any business. If you take good care of your team and meet their needs, they will reward you with their loyalty and spreading the good name of your company. Offer your employees and their families and friends the opportunity to use discounted Vodafone services. The benefits will be available throughout their employment period in your company, giving them only more reasons to stay.

Corporate benefits made more attractive. An individually compiled offer.

No responsibility for employee accounts - all administration is upon the employee.

Free production of communication materials or the possibility of a personal promotional visit in your company.

How does it work

The programme is designed for employees of our corporate customers with a general contract agreement. Whether you cooperate with us in the business sector or not, drop us a line at zameprogram@vodafone.cz. In the email, please state: Company name, ID number, number of employees and a contact person together with their telephone number.

We will get back to you within two days with suggestions on how the employee program could look like in your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Employee Programme offer?

Who can apply for the programme?

We are an association, union, can we apply for the programme?

How many SIM cards are available for employees?

Does the company bear any responsibility for numbers that are active in the programme?

Do we have to pay for promotional materials or be otherwise active?

Discounted price guaranteed

Benefits without contracts and glitches. All benefits will be available to you throughout your employment period..

Change anytime

At any time, you can simply change your tariff for a better one - it will always be discounted. Or you can buy another one for your friends.

Benefits for your friends

A gift for those you hold dear. In addition, family and acquaintances will get the opportunity to buy phones on HP.

How does it work

We will assist you on a special line for the Employee Programme. We look forward to hearing from you on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00 on 800 777 791. For more information, see the PDF leaflet and your employer's HR department.

I want an employee tariff

You will receive specific information about offers and orders from your employer. Simply choose your tariff and contact us, we will be happy to handle everything with you.


You will first receive detailed instructions from your employer.

Choose an offer

Choose from the menu provided in the instructions from your employer.

Contact us

Let us know what offer you are interested in.

Tariff activation

We will process everything within 4 working days of the order placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to order the program?

How many Employee Programme numbers can I use?

What do I need to transfer my Vodafone phone number?

Is the offer with or without a contract?

How do instalments work in case of devices?

How will I control my services at Vodafone?

Can I change the tariff?

I have a complaints, what do I do?


Buying more data

How does roaming work?

Data limit