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Get Data SIM for Visitors

Get our data SIM card with 10GB for 30 days for only 800 CZK or 20 GB for 30 days for 1299 CZK.
Visit the selected shops.
Services on the Data SIM for Visitors cannot be used in roaming. 

Get Data SIM for Visitors
Data 10GB or 20GB for 30 days
Calling within the network FREE
Calling to other CZ networks 100 free minues, after 3,50 CZK/min

All prices are inclusive of VAT and valid for a period of 30 days from card activation.

Where to get it

Map of selected shops

You can buy our prepaid data SIM card in these shops.
Just look up the one closest to you.

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  • Share your adventures

    Make your trip to the Czech Republic
    unforgettable. Share it with your friends
    thanks to our data SIM card.

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  • Follow the right path

    With our data SIM card you will never
    get lost again anywhere you go.

    Tripadvisor Google maps Circlegate

  • Keep in touch

    Be in touch with your nearest and dearest
    even on holiday. Share your feelings
    with them wherever you are.

    Skype Whatsapp Kakao talk

  • Keep working

    Have fun and keep the money coming with
    our 4G or 5G connection. Send e-mails,
    enable video conferencing or download
    important documents.

    LinkedIn Evernote Google disk

Learn more

See the list of our carefully selected partners, to whom you can call for free.
Book a dinner table, go clubbing, have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how should I top up my credit?
Since we only accept online payments from credit cards issued in the Czech Republic, the best option is to top up your credit right after you buy the SIM at the shop. There you can pay with your foreign credit card.

You can also top up your credit by using top up coupons, which are available for purchase at almost every grocery store, supermarket or gas station.
What if I go to the Czech Republic for less / for more than 30 days?
The Data SIM for Visitors is designed for data services, with 10GB valid for 30 days from activation. You can use it for a week, two weeks, or a whole month. It’s your trip. If you need more than 10GB you can buy another SIM.

You can always visit the nearest shop, where our team will help you find the best solution.
What should I do with the SIM after 30 days of use?
Vodafone is very eco-friendly, so we would be happy if you could bring your expired SIM to our shop before you leave the Czech Republic. As a thank you, we will give you a farewell present to help you think and act green as we do.
Do you have any other contact I can reach from abroad?
If you have any questions about the Data SIM for Visitors before you visit the Czech Republic or during your visit, please call +420 776 975 324. Our English-speaking operators will do their best to help you.
My phone doesn't work in the Czech Republic. What should I do?
To connect to the internet from your phone, you need to have a data card activated and your phone settings have to enable internet connection.

You can also log in to My Vodafone and find the type of your phone. Choose "Internet" and follow the instructions to set your phone easily from home.

If it’s still not working, don't hesitate to visit any of our stores and ask our team for help.

Terms and conditions

The complete legal conditions for the prepaid Data SIM for Visitors. Please read them thoroughly.