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Additional Information

And what else might interest you about your privacy?

Information database on credit rating and credibility 

Vodafone is a member of SOLUS, an association of legal entities, ID No. 69346925

SOLUS, an association legal entities ID No.: 69346925, File No. L 58779 maintained at the Prague Municipal Court, is an association legal entities that aims, as part of responsible lending, to improve the enforcement of existing debts past due and reduce the potential financial losses of creditors

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Solus maintains an information database (the “Register”) in accordance with Section 20z et seq. of Act No. 634/1990 Coll., on consumer protection, as amended (the “Consumer Protection Act”), specifically:

(a)      Natural Person Register – a negative register that provides its members with information about consumer who do not fulfil or are/have been late repaying their obligations

(b)      ID Number Register – a negative register that provides its members with information about individuals-entrepreneurs and legal entities who do not fulfil or are/have been late with repaying their obligations.

Before a contract is concluded/enters into effect, Vodafone, as a Solus member, uses information available in the Register. We send queries to the Register based on an authorisation given to us by legal regulations (Consumer Protection Act) and the rules set by Solus, especially with regard to personal data protection legislation.

As part of the Natural Person and ID Number Registers, the following is processed in addition to identification data (name, surname, birth registration number or ID No. and address): data on the scope and nature of the breach of contractual obligations by the client, the consequence of which is the existence of a receivable from the client in the amount of at least two instalments or the existence on any receivable from the client past due for more than 30 days; the nature of the commitment from which this obligation arises; and the client’s resulting payment behaviour. The information may be processed by Solus for the duration of the consumer’s obligation and for three years after it is paid off, with obligations arising in relation to Vodafone being processed for one year after payment of the last claim. If the consumer’s obligations expires other than by repayment or if the obligation is statute-barred or the debtor was exempted from repayment under some other legal regulation, such information may be processed in the register for no more than three years after this obligation expires, after it became statute-barred or after the exemption under some other legal regulation took effect.

Thus, no personal data about a client that did not breach their contractual obligations is processed by either the Natural Personal Register or ID Number Register.

All information about Solus, including its member, can be found on its website (www.solus.cz).

Service messages

Through our customer service messages, we will provide you with updated information about the products and services you use, such as changes in our terms and conditions or suspension of services.

Research and analytics

Vodafone makes use of various analytical methods, including so-called big data analytics. Big data analytics is a mathematically controlled analytical technique utilising extensive and diverse data files (this is why it is called “big” data) to determine hidden patters and hitherto unidentified trends. At Vodafone, we take big data analytics very seriously. Our data specialists therefor have to observe a code of ethics. We observe a strict process of use in each case that demands it, so that before commencing any specific event of use, controls according to legal regulations on the protection of privacy and personal data are conducted. We also apply strict rules that ensure that personal data will be anonymised or deidentified in the respective phase of the process.

Are you not a Vodafone customer?

Our company can process, for a specific amount of time, the personal data of persons who are not in a contractual relationship with Vodafone but have given their consent to processing as part of a marketing event or showed interest in our contacting them in future with our offer. Furthermore, your data may have been given to us by a friend or relative who believes you may be interested in the services offered by Vodafone (in such case we first ask you if this is in fact the case), or your data was given to us by a third party having consent to such disclosure to a different controller for the purpose of making an offer of products and services.

If you are not a Vodafone client and are not interest in an offer of our services or products or have been receiving information from us about our services that you no longer wish to receive, please inform us of this fact at our company address, so that we no longer continue contacting you with our offers. In such case, we ask you to indicate particularly the e-mail address and/or telephone number that we should not contact you at and of course your identification to avoid confusion.

Technical delay

As we have numerous complicated systems, it may take some time to fully apply the privacy settings (e.g. revocation of consent). Do not worry, however: it will not take more than three business days.

Call recording

If you use one of our customer help lines, we may monitor the call. We do so for your protection as well as to improve customer experience and the provision of services.

Scans of identification and other documents

If it is absolutely necessary under the law, we can request a scan or copy of a document, but in most cases we can do without it. Even then we observe a simple rule: if it is not necessary, we delete or shred the document.

Calls from our business partners

Our business partners may call you with offers of our services based on a contact that they received from you in the past together with the required consent. In such case, our business partner is the controller of your data until you decide to accept such offer, after which we become the controller in compliance with the law.


Vodafone provides, but only if you have granted consent, one of the inputs (partial TelcoScore) for the calculation of the TelcoScore, which some financial institutions use as a supplementary, i.e., not decisive, parameter if you show interest in their services. You can find all the necessary information about the TelcoScore on http://www.sid.cz/telco-score. Vodafone processes the partial TelcoScore for the enforcement of claims and protection against fraud. We process the partial TelcoScore only as at the given date – not into the past or the future – not even in the event of providing a partial TelcoScore in connection with a TelcoScore calculated based on your consent.

Vodafone products or services where Vodafone is the processor

Vodafone offers certain products and services that under legal regulations makes it a processor and you, as our customer, the controller of personal data in relation to the personal data processed with respect to these products or services.

  • A list of the products and services where Vodafone is in the position of processor can be found here.
  • Vodafone governs the mutual processor relationship in line with valid legal regulations in the respective terms and conditions of the product or service in questions, which you can find here.
  • If you wish to request Vodafone, as a processor, for cooperation in exercising individual rights with regard to the above listed products and services, you can do so via the form found: