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We donated 250 phones

This year, we won’t be giving out Christmas presents to you. However, we strongly hope you won’t hold it against us, because our intention was to help instead. During autumn, we already supported people who needed help the most - we introduced special offers for senior citizens, teachers and students. We also supported online teaching by providing fixed Internet for a total of 800 families which weren’t able to afford the necessary connection for distance education of their children. You can find more about our help at www.vodafone.cz/lidskasit.

Everyone is going through difficult times, but parents in particular have been up in their ears with worrying about work and taking care of their families. And when there is only one parent in the family, the situation only gets more difficult.

That’s why, in these tough times, we decided to support single parents and their children. We took the money we would normally spend on Christmas presents for you and our other partners, and invested it in a good cause.

In cooperation with the Single Mothers' Club, we donated 250 new smartphones with a prepaid SIM card, pre-charged for 6 months with unlimited calls and SMS to all networks, plus 8 GB of mobile data per month. Because of the pandemic, many single parents can’t work. This is either due to the nature of their employment or due to the care of their children who had suddenly been out of school for months. A lot of single parents have even lost their jobs, for reasons mentioned above. Nobody knows what’s coming. These families deal with financial difficulties such as paying rent or providing basic necessities of life, and they simply can’t afford buying a phone for their child. Nowadays, children need to start acting independently in an early age, and owning a phone is a must. This way, we can take at least one worry off the shoulders of 250 parents who will be able to make their children happy on Christmas Eve.

Christmastime is about sharing joy, and our mission is to bring people together for a better future. Because of actions like this one, we can contribute to it more.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of the 250 children whom we’ll make smile this Christmas.

We wish you a beautiful holiday with your loved ones and a very happy new year.