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Unlimited tariffs for the young #jetovtobě

Don't worry about your data

Don't worry about the data. Get going without limits with the #jetovtobě tariff

Choose what data speed you need. The amount you get is completely unlimited.



4 Mb/s

  • Unlimited data, calls and texts
  • Speed 4 Mb/s



20 Mb/s

  • Unlimited data, calls and texts
  • Speed 20 Mb/s


Premium 5G

Unlimited speed

  • Unlimited data, calls and texts
  • Unlimited speed 5G
  • MAXIMUM SPEED-UP forever

Why get #jetovtobě

Discount for young people

Youth Forward! That's why we'll give you a discount on an unlimited tariff until your 27th birthday. With an ISIC card, the discount is even bigger.

No contract

You can have #jetovtobě youth tariffs with no strings attached, no contract to sign.


We support eSIM, buy back old phones, use renewable energy. Read more about sustainability.

Getting #jetovtobě is easy-peasy

You meet the conditions

An offer this great is really only for the young. That's why we verify your age or valid ISIC card.

A couple of clicks

Simply buy the tariff online on our website. You don't have to go anywhere or spend ages queuing.

And get going

You can enjoy unlimited mobile data and have plenty of time to do more important things.

Order our tariffs by phone

Ordering a new tariff online is unfortunately not possible for non CZ citizens. Leave us your contact, we will get back to you as soon as possible and finish the order together.

When you click on "Call me" you agree to be contacted with a business offer.

Don't pay more than you need to.
Get a #jetovotbě tariff.

Leave us your number, we'll call you back and go through it together.

When you click on "Call me" you agree to be contacted with a business offer.

Frequently asked questions

Is the tariff without commitment?

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Do I have to prove something again every year? For example, a valid ISIC?

I want Apple AirPods for 1 CZK with my tariff. What do I need to do?

How about unlimited data?

Where and how will I manage my account?

How do I activate the MAXIMUM SPEED-UP service?

What about roaming and calling abroad?