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The quality of the service does not change

TV will continue to function as you are used to. And your device stays the same.

Only the name of the service on Vodafone TV changes, the content, channels and devices remain the same.

New is the Vodafone web TV and Vodafone TV application for iOS and Android, which will replace Horizon Go. Thanks to it, you can watch your favourite shows on your computer, mobile or tablet whenever and wherever you want.

Overview of TV tariffs

TV Basic

Basic offer of your favourite Czech channels.

  • 7 channels in HD quality
  • Does not include Vodafone TV application for tablet and mobile

TV Klasik

A wide range of your favourite Czech channels, most of them in HD quality.

  • 40+ channels in HD quality

TV Komfort

A varied collection of channels of various genres, of which more than half are in HD quality.

  • 70+ channels in HD quality

TV Komplet

Offer of all programs, including the premium ones.

  • 90+ channels in HD quality

Frequently asked questions

Will Horizon Go continue to work for me?

What if I have another set-top box (or CA module)?

I use HBO GO, will it be affected by the transfer of TV services to Vodafone?

What if I change the services after Vodafone sends me email with new services settings?