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Payment methods do not change

You will pay in the same way as you are used to.


Payment by transfer

You send the payment to our account every month.


Direct debit

Enabling direct debit from your account will make things easier for you.



Czech Post service, which combines multiple payments at once.

What will change?


Payment in advance

At exUPC, you pay for services at the beginning of the billing period.

Payment at the end of the billing period

At Vodafone, you pay for the services at the end of the billing period.

We will transfer any overpayment or arrears to you in the next billing.

First invoice from Vodafone

The first Billing will be waiting for you in My Vodafone self-service few weeks after the transfer of services. The specific date depends on your billing period.

Billing by e-mail

If you want to receive Billing by e-mail, you will need to set up this feature in your My Vodafone account. Why is that?

Because we don't have your verified email yet, and for the security of your personal information, we must first verify that it's really you. It will take no time, and then you will set up login to My Vodafone using your e-mail and your own password.

I want electronic billing

Frequently asked questions

How do I find out about the issued Billing?

Can I find payment documents in the mobile application?

What if an overpayment or arrears arises during the transfer?

Can I find my older invoices in My Vodafone?

I already have a Vodafone mobile tariff, will I have all my services on one invoice?